Arguru - Aodix v4.2.0.1 (Pc)

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The main concept of Aodix is between old-school trackers and nowadays sequencers. The interface is inspired from trackers, but the features are at least those of the most modern sequencers. Aodix achieves outstanding real-time performance with less CPU usage than other sequencers, very low latency due to a proper implementation of ASIO2, and widest-range support for VST plug-ins, due to a clean implementation of VST2.
256 track, 256 pattern sequencer
Each track allows recording of events including chords and automation. Patterns have no fixed length. Both pattern using pattern calls and single-sheet operations are supported.
Full modular audio and MIDI routing
Forget old mixer paradigms. Aodix provides a flexible
modular net of audio and midi (events) connection wires between VST Instances, allowing complex audio/midi routing schemes, and you could sync your favourite step sequencers or MIDI event processors with Aodix main sequencer easily.

32-bit float sample precision
Aodix maintains sample precision to 32-bit float, from input all the way to the output.

Up to 960 PPQN timestamp precision
The midi point precision can be 960 PPQN, allowing a wide range of quantization settings, down to 1 point.

Enhanced recording and editing functions
Several recording and editing modes are available, combining online/offline, step/step-free, live-scroll on/off, quantization, zooming, overwrite on/off, events record, parameter record, automation record, powerful midi-masking and usual functions such as Range, cut, copy, paste, delete, move.

Real-time record and automation
Events and parameters can be recorded real-time while playing, with PC keyboard and mouse and/or Midi Keyboard.
Automation parameter assignment allows a slider/knob on a midi keyboard to control one or more parameters in one or more plug-ins. The Midi Mask allows to avoid interference with midiCC, in case automation is preferred to midiCC.

Piano-roll track split view
Provides a powerful alternative tool to view and edit note events and is seamless integrated with the sequencer structure.

Pattern markers and pattern calls
For each pattern, up to 256 markers can be defined. Pattern calls (non-recursive) allow to call a pattern from any other one, pointing at a marker, defining transposition and velocity scaling.

Steinberg VST2.3 Host
AODIX v4 provides a very enhanced support for VST plug-ins. VST effects as well as VST instruments can be chained and wired in the modular Routing view. Playing a VST instrument and tweaking knobs in other VSTs at the same time is possible, using PC keyboard and mouse and Midi Keyboard. Multi-output is supported for multi-output plug-ins.
In order to allow "send" schemes, a "VST output duplicator" plug-in is delivered with Aodix.

Audio / Project / Bounce Inputs/Outputs and Formats
Aodix supports only ASIO I/O (multi-channel). MME can be supported indirectly by using a ASIO/MME/WDM Wrapper (not delivered with Aodix). Aodix uses a proprietary file format for project saving. It can import midi files. It renders audio to either several 32-bit float IEEE single-channel files, or one single 32-bit float multi-channel IEEE file. Loading/saving Fxp and Fxb files is supported.

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Aodix v4 is the first tickless tracker-interface based sequencer of its kind. VST2 host, and supports ASIO2. Aodix v4 achieves outstanding real-time performance with very low latencies. Aodix supports modular VST instancing and wiring, allowing any kind of scheme. Aodix supports pattern arrangements with pattern calls, patterns being of virtually unlimited length.
Aodix provides several recording/editing modes for your convenience (e.g. edit at one location while transport is playing elsewhere!)...

O/S : Windows 2000 or XP
CPU : at least 1 Ghz CPU
RAM : at least 256 MB
Audio : ASIO soundcard
Display : at least 1024*768


* Fixed a bug in block interpolation.
* Improved the shell handler for the file extension *.adx.
* Fixed a bug in automation recording from a plugin's GUI when the plug-in is not the active instance.
* Help file updated.