AudioWarrior - Kreator LE Brain Module v1.0 (Pc/Mac)

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Kreator LE Brain Module
MAC/PC, AU, VSTi, ReWire, DXi, Standalone, also loads into HALion3.1

Do You Need Tempo-Adjustable Perfect Performance Drum Beats?

Bryan "Brain" Mantia (Primus-GunsNRoses-Buckethead) delivers 1/2 GB of tempo adjustable drums beats sliced up and ready to rock in a wide range of styles, and 1/2 GB of Looped BPM GROUPS (Intros, Grooves, Outros) that can be triggered in any order from your keyboard.

BPMs range from 51 to 165 and have matching MIDI files you can drop right into your sequencer. You can also combine different BPM beats and change their tempo to your song's Master Tempo while maintaining their original pitch and feel.

The library comes complete with its own dedicated and expandable 16 track Kreator LE player and can be used as a Standalone or Plug-in in any sequencer with any Mac OS X.3.2 or Windows XP computer. As a bonus it can also be loaded into HALion 3.1.

The "Brain" module comes with Kreator XL or can be purchased here separately as its own expandable module at a breakthrough price of $99 which includes a Steinberg USB Key.

If you already own a Steinberg Key the "Brain" module can also be purchased for $79.


  1. Anonymous03:15

    This thing rocks- I say with a reasonable price like this you get real performances- I tried drumming on a keyboard doods- let me tell ya;- it pays to have a pro like Brain play your tracks- out-


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