CacoFX - ChordME v1.4 (Pc/Free)

ChordME is a free MIDI VST that converts incoming MIDI notes into full chords. Different chords can be assigned to each note across the octave so that complex chord patterns can be quickly built up from simple MIDI patterns.

ChordME displays the notes being played in the current chord as they are generated. Notes can also be previewed or played in real-time by clicking on the labels next to the chord lists.

Chords or the original midi notes can also be transposed up or down by up to four octaves.

The notes within the generated chords can be humanised to add realistic dynamics to your playing.

The majority of hosts require the VSTi version but for certain hosts unable to load VST instruments there is a VSTfx version available as well.

ChordME requires host software capable of routing MIDI. For hosts unable to do this ChordME can be wrapped in EnergyXT


  1. Anonymous20:12

    ChordMe is not found anywhere!

  2. Anonymous20:14

    That's ChordME v1.4.The old one doesn't load.Please don't waste tons of peoples time


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