Cakewalk releases SONAR v5.2 (Pc)

With SONAR 5 you get a comprehensive set of editing, mixing, and
delivery options in one integrated environment.

* Get higher-quality mixes with SONAR’s cutting edge 64-bit double precision floating point engine with full delay compensation

* Keep pristine audio quality with support for 32-bit float files and up to 500 kHz sampling rates

* Accomplish powerful vocal edits including pitch correction, phrasing adjustments, harmonization, and much more with V-Vocal™

* Flexible mixing with 30+ surround formats, effects, on-the-fly bussing, vector envelopes, pan laws, configurable meter ballistics, more

* Configure SONAR the way you like with custom layouts, color schemes, even use keystrokes from other audio applications

* Deliver projects in virtually any format, bit-depth, or sampling rate: POW-r dithering; Windowed Sync sample rate conversion; external command line encoder support; OMFI and Broadcast WAV for collaboration with Pro Tools; QuickTime; MP3*; more

* Prosoniq MPEX time scaling—a superior time scaling algorithm that is great for matching audio to video or for loop/sample authoring

* SONAR 5 includes a 32-bit version and the first native 64-bit digital audio workstation. 64-bit** version experiences 20-30% processing performance gains and can access 128 GB of physical RAM

*Includes 30-day trial MP3 Encoder
**Requires Windows XP x64 Edition


* Supports new VST 2.4 extensions, including 64-bit double-precision streaming and x64 compatibility.
* SONAR can now receive MIDI data from VST instruments.
* Added shell support for Waves VST plug-ins (DX versions already supported).
* Send up to 256 buses (16 channels per bus) of MIDI data to a ReWire device.
* Control Surface Enhancements (individual control surface plug-ins must be updated)
o Get/set Record Punch State
o Send stereo/surround metering to a control surface
o Get Marker Names
o Add a Marker
* Display mouse tracking info while editing MIDI in the Track View or Piano Roll View
o Displays current MIDI note or CC value in notes area
o Displays current time (musical or absolute) in the time ruler
* The Erase Tool has returned to the Piano Roll View and Inline Piano Roll View Toolbars.
o Auto Erase mode is now available as an option for the Draw Tool.


* When two or more parameters were automated on the same VST on the same track, automation did not render.
* Deleting a bus could sometimes cause one of its source buses to form a feedback loop and crash SONAR.
* Incorrect rounding mode used when converting 64-bit double precision to integer PCM formats.
* Dither was being applied inappropriately to float files
* The POW-r 2 and POW-r 3 noise shaping curves were slightly incorrect.
* Rectangular dither had insufficient levels
* Normalize sometimes caused overs on 32- and 64-bit audio.
* Enabling "Remove DC Offset During Record" affected both inputs of a stereo pair when only one of the inputs was receiving a signal.
* Scrolling to offscreen tracks with a control surface did not always bring those tracks into the view.
* Mackie C4 would sometimes freeze after connecting to SONAR.
* Some control surfaces would switch SONAR into overwrite mode when changing punch times.
* UAD-1 plug-ins caused CPU spikes, especially while looping.
* Groove Agent 2 sometimes dropped out during playback.
* V-Vocal clips sometimes did not play if the Now Time was set during playback
* V-Vocal sometimes produced an unwanted "flanging" or "phasing" sound
* The Audio Metronome caused video to play out of sync when recording.
* The Audio Metronome would start with a down-beat on a partial measure count-in.
* When used with a count-in, the Audio Metronome sometimes caused the recording to start late.
* Delete key did not delete selected MIDI notes in the Inline Piano Roll View.
* Could not audition MIDI note velocities in the controller pane.
* Piano Roll View notes appeared to change their start positions during a lasso.
* Piano Roll View tools were not bindable by user-defined hotkeys.
* Piano Roll View Zoom Tool hotkey was broken.
* A Sysx event in a TTS-1 MIDI source track sometimes caused the synth to dropout during playback.
* RPN/NRPN LSB was reset when MSB is received during recording.
* When transposing a MIDI track, linked clips were transposed twice.
* Opening a 24-bit project while playing caused audio distortion.
* Changing Import Bit Depth to 24 created static at first playback.
* SONAR would occasionally crash when saving a MIDI Type 1 file.
* Projects with per-clip effects bins sometimes incorrectly reported a "Disk may be full" error on bounce or export.
* On rare occasions, if a system crashed after a file save, the file could become corrupt.
* Snap to clip boundaries occasionally did not work.
* Ctrl+F did not open/close track folders.
* In the Track View Clips Pane, pressing the ESC key while the mouse button was held down did not escape out of the operation.
* SONAR incorrectly populated the ReWire menu when multiple versions of ACID were installed on the same computer
* SONAR x64 has been rebuilt with the latest development and build tools.
* SONAR x64: Process | Audio | Reverse resulted in flatlined audio.