Chicken Systems - Translator v2.9.105

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Professional Sampler Disk and File Format Convertor

Translator™ converts professional sampler formats
Take any sampler CD-Rom/disk and Translator™ can convert one or any of it's Samples, or Presets, or Banks - or the entire CD-ROM/disk - into another sampler format that you can use directly with that sampler!

Program parameter information is translated as well as the samples and structure - wavedata, keymaps, looping, effects - EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.

* No program translates better. Translator™ pays attention to the small details, faithfully replicating your sounds.
* Translator™ is also available in "Special Editions," supporting a single destination sampler.
* For the most complete information on Translator™, please keep your eyes on this site, and join our mailing list.

Translator™ is the ULTIMATE program for dealing with professional sampler formats.

Translator™ handles more professional formats that people are using for music than any other conversion program. It translates quickly and accurately and in an easy, natural manner.

The Easy Stuff

* Reads and writes most popular Instrument and Audio sample formats
* Supports 8-bit, 12-bit, 13-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit files
* Instrument and Sample Auditioning
* Fast, Efficient Operation
* Detailed Status Dialogs with Pausable Translation feature

The Hard Stuff

* Reads and Translates Ensoniq and Kurzweil Programs
* Reads and Translates Bulk DOS Disks
* Intelligent Automatic Stereo Combining and Splitting
* Giga Power

-Translator is the ONLY program that writes real, authentic, exact .gig files, ones designed to be read into Giga without any rewriting etc. within the editor. Translator write regular files, not irregular ones as other programs do
-Translator writes exact v2.0 files, while others write only version 1
-Translator can write not only .gig files, but Giga Performances as well. This enables mimicking of Akai Multis and Roland Performances
-Translator compensates for Giga's restriction on mono-or-stereo Regions by intelligently combining or splitting, also can pre-determine mono or stereo as the above
-Compensates for non-exponential Layers and Dimensions accurately
-Writes condensed .gig files and does not include residual information
- Writes Instruments into single .gig files whenever possible, instead of splitting them, does not write unnecessary folders
-" Bulk Convert" Roland option virtually eliminates replicated samples from Roland CD's or disks
- Respects Giga's 128 Instrument limit and writes a minimum of multiple .gig files if necessary without sample replication (common issue with SoundFont->Giga translations)
- Extracts Instruments into Groups or individually, extracts samples and imports them as well.

* Supports Emu "Links"
* Supports Roland Performances Easily
* View Roland disks in a more natural way
* Write To Proprietary Disks
* Supports Translating From Akai S-5000 Multi Files
* Use SMDI To Transfer Batches of Samples To and From Hardware Samplers
* View And Extract Mac Drives on the PC
* Wave Mapping Into Program Structures - Instrument Building
* Parameter Tolerance
* Lots Of Options
* Works Within a Studio Network Environment
* Updates are ALWAYS Free
* Available At Your Local Music Store

Platform: Win/Mac
Price: $149.95