Coyote Electronics - ForteDXi v1.3a (Pc)

Coyote's ForteDXi is a DirectX (DXi) plug-in that implements a high-quality sample player. Its sampled instruments offer a sound quality far better than the standard MIDI synthesizer. ForteDXi works with any compatible DXi host program to allow it to produce very realistic instrument sounds.

This latest version of ForteDXi provides several fixes to the previous version and includes additional enhancements:

* Fixed: "reset all controllers" problem, which caused volume to be wrong if host sent a Reset All Controllers CC after setting the channel volume.
* Fixed: the way volume and expression CCs are handled. Now both can be adjusted while a note is playing and the note volume will change properly.
* Fixed: bug that prevented multiple copies of ForteDXi to run concurrently.
* Added the ability to specify the instrument to be loaded into each channel.
* Reverb now defaults to club, rather than hall setting.
* Increased Volume Adjustment range to -6 to +6 dB.
* Reverb damping control has greater effective range.


* ForteDXi will now delete registry keys when uninstalled. This will stop ForteDXi from continuing to show up in some applications list of synthesizers.
* Sound bank updates include improved brushes in the Brush Kit and fixes to 3 bad high notes in the alternate Rhodes instruments (banks 1 and 2).