Darrell Tam - DtBlkFx v1.0 (Pc/Free)

DtBlkFx by Darrell Barrell is a Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) based Virtual Sound Technology (VST) plug-in for use in a variety of audio software running under Microsoft Windows 2000 or newer.

Use it for…

* Precision parametric equalizing with sharp-roll off
o Set the frequencies so accurately that you can adjust individual harmonics of a sound
o Frequency resolutions of up to 0.7 Hz
* Harmonic based (or comb) filtering
o Set a fundamental frequency and adjust the level of it and its harmonics - you can even remove the pitched component of a voice
o Active harmonic tracking - let DtBlkFx automatically track a sound and adjust the level of it’s harmonics
* Various types of noise control
o Change the “contrast” between loud and soft frequencies
o Adjust only those frequencies below or above a particular threshold
o Clip frequencies above a particular threshold
o Sound smearing (phase randomizing)
* Frequency shifting
o Harmonic shifting by a fixed number of notes
o Non-harmonic shifting by a fixed frequency
o Active harmonic repitch - the content of your sound is monitored and repitched to a destination note (which is quite fun to try on voice)
* Vocoding
o Standard (frequency enveloping) - make your trumpet rap, string section sing or synthesizer talk
o Harmonic based - harmonics in one channel are power-matched to those in the other (or some predefined waveforms) for a new vocoding sound
* Frequency masking
o A harmonic or threshold mask may be set for any effect (apart from vocoding) - for example only shift frequencies that are below the threshold
* Realtime spectrogram (waterfall) display of input and output sounds
o See what frequencies are in your sound and exactly what you’ve done
o Use your mouse to see the note & frequency under the pointer

You can select up to 4 of the above effects to be run in series! Combining the effects in this way allows you to make completely new and surprising sounds.

Changes since version 0.9

* 16 bit display bug fix
* Stereo version
* vocoder (freq enveloper) & harmonic matcher
* harmonic shifter
* active harmonic repitching
* short delay bug fix
* more pictures in the user manual