db-audioware - Quantum FX v2.0.3 (Pc/Mac)

db audioware's flagship Modular Effects System. Includes ready-to-use toolkit with over 50 professional plug-in effects and audio tools.

From the homepage:
At every stage of the creative process, Quantum FX provides you with the tools and effects you need to achieve great sounds and produce great music.
ready-to-use or custom-built

Quantum FX is basically two great packages in one:

* The Factory Effects collection equips you with a more than comprehensive audio toolkit. Over 50 ready-to-use plug-ins for every purpose.
* The Workbench unlocks the power of your imagination. You don't have to be an expert programmer to design, build and modify your own custom effects and tools with confidence using our fully stocked library of building block modules.

price? performance!

For the price of a couple of premium plug-ins, you get an extensive professional toolkit as well as a full-featured development environment for audio utilities. Based on proven db audioware DSP technology and algorithms, Quantum FX delivers top quality audio performance. So you can save your money without compromising your sound!
bonus premium plug-ins

Speaking of premium plug-ins, Quantum FX now bundles two bonus premium effects when you buy the full product:

* Aura is one of the finest guitar amps that you can plug into. Initially modelled on a classic British amp, we just kept tweaking until we really liked the sound. Try playing it live, you'll find it has plenty of "feel" like a good hardware amp.
* Destination is a full mastering toolkit in one effect. Updating the renowned db audioware mastering technology for a new generation, this plug-in has all you need to perfect your finished mix.

effects library

If you don't want to use the factory effects or build your own using the workbench, you can download new ones from our online effects library. The library is open to all registered Quantum FX owners, so when you buy Quantum FX, you continue to get great new effects for free!


* Plug-in Standards
o Works with any host program supporting
+ VST (PC Windows)
+ Audio Units or VST(Mac OS X)
o Supports VST2 automation; tempo sync
* Building Block Modules (supplied in workbench)
o 140+ basic DSP modules
o 20+ high level modules (eg speaker simulators, multi-way crossovers, amplifier components)
o 50+ factory effects
* Audio Formats
o Supports all audio formats up to 24 bit depth / 192kHz sample rate
* Internal Precision
o Minimum 32 bit precision
o 64 bit precision for critical calculations (eg compression, limiting & linear phase filters)
* Operating Systems
o PC Windows 2000, XP
o Mac OS X (10.3.9 or better)
* Recommended PC
o Pentium3 800MHz or better processor
o at least 256MB of memory
o minimum display resolution 1024x768 with 16k colors
* Recommended Mac
o G4 1GHz or better
* Soundcard Support
o Supports all major PC Windows soundcard standards, including MME, DirectX and low latency ASIO
o Supports Core Audio compatible soundcards on Mac OS X
* Copy Protection
o Software challenge/response system to key each user license to a unique computer


* Resolved VST/AU memory leak.
* Resolved crash in Adobe Audition.