djDecks v0.72 (Pc)

djDecks is a computer mixing program for both beginning and professional dj's.
Mix your mp3, ogg, wma and wav files easily on any configuration.

djDecks is all you need to get started and become a dj!

djDecks offers you up to three decks to load your songs in (2 are shown by default)
Each deck has a pitch slider with a selectable range from +-8% up to +-100%
You can pre-listen the song using headphones through the rear-out of your 3d-soundcard, with a second sound card, by splitting left and right channels or by using ASIO drivers.
djDecks has a very advanced bpm detection that will help you synchronizing your songs.
It's very easy to set a cue-point and start your song exactly when you want it at the position you want. Beat-matching two songs is also made easier by using the virtual record to speed a song up or down.

djDecks includes a high-quality three-band equalizer per player. You can configure the cut-off frequencies of each band to create cool filtering effects.
You also get an advanced effect panel with effects such as echo, flanger and gapper.
It's very easy to create instant-loops up to 8 beats long with just a simple click on a button.
To select your songs you can use the playlist and file browser. It loads all the id3 tags and shows the songs found based on id3 tags so you get the information displayed the way you want it, instead of by filename.

djDecks can also be controlled by external hardware such as an external analog mixer, or by the Hercules DJ Console.

If you want to have the feeling of mixing with vinyl, yet have the advantages of digital files, then you'll definitely want to check out djDecks' TimeCoded vinyl plugins. Using special vinyls that contain a special code, your mp3's will follow the exact speed and location of the needle on the control record.

From the homepage:
djDecks v0.72 released ::Adion/2006-04-26
It has been a long time since the previous release, but v0.72 is finally here. This release almost completely closes the gap between ASIO and DirectSound output modes, so now all modes have WaveForm overviews, real seamless looping and more.
Support for VST effects has also been greatly improved, and a new 'filter' effect has been added to the default effects.
The Hercules DJ Console Mk2, and the Hercules DJ Control MP3 are now also fully supported.
Besides that, various bugs have been fixed, performance is improved, and lots of improvements to the vinyl control plugins have been made.
To download the new version, and for a full overview of all changes, check out the download page.

There was not enough time left to add support for the Behringer BCD2000 for this release, but expect a new beta version in one or two weeks with support for this controller as well.

Price: $30.00 or EUR26.00