Electronisounds - Ubergate Multi-FX VST Plug-In

Ubergate is a multi-fx plugin comprising of a pattern based gate and two effect chains. Each effect chain features delay, filter with LFO, modulation (chorus/flanger/phaser) and 3-band EQ with Drive.

Delay time and filter / pan LFO can be tempo synced or free running. Delay tempo sync includes dotted settings and double time settings.

Each filter features lowpass, highpass and bandpass modes, with LFO to cutoff control.

Each effect chain is has individual volume and pan controls, with independant LFO to pan controls.

128 presets, grouped by application. Ubergate will "Trance-up" your synth parts, "Spice-up" your drum beats, "Freak-out" your vocal tracks, "Warp-out" your guitar riffs, "tweak" your FX -- AND SO MUCH MORE!

If you make ANY style of TRANCE music, you will praise the music gods when you see how easy it is to bring synth & pad tracks to life with NO SIDE-CHAINS! Simply insert the Ubergate on your track(s) and scroll through any of the 128 presets and you'll bring new life to your music in no time!

Into Ambient, Trip Hop or IDM tracks? You've just found your DREAM TOOL, mate! Drop Ubergate on some drum tracks, and you'll discover hidden rhythms as they leap out of your favorite drumloops!

16 step pattern gate (trancegate) with attack, decay and shuffle controls. Steps can be tied for longer gate openings. 4 independant patterns can be chained to create 32-step or 64-step patterns. Even when manually selecting a new pattern, pattern change is synchronised to bar start.

Gate synchronises to tempo and bar position.

Unique passthru mode allows selective application of effects according to gate pattern. Using the bypass mode, you can bypass the gate altogether and use only the fx chains on your audio! Drop the Ubergate on a funky guitar riff, bypass the gate and dig into some SERIOUS stereo phaser, distortion and delay!

Multiple gate steps (and ties) can be set by clicking and dragging. Double click controls to manually enter text values for parameters.
Ubergate can be purchased for $29.99.