Eliosound - AirEQ (Pc/Mac)

AirEQ® is a new musical equalizer created to meet every single expectation of musicians, mixing engineers and producers. It's been conceived to be the only high quality equalizer you need.
Mixing, mastering, tracking, whatever your sampling frequency is, AirEQ always brings you the same quality of equalization in the whole audio range. And you can use it on every track, without overloading your CPU.
Its quality, ergonomics and efficiency will make AirEQ an essential musical tool when an excellent analog-like equalization, ease of use and low cpu usage are required.

AirEQ accurately reproduces the analog equalization characteristics : the curve precision and the phase's variation are the key points of the analog sound. But we also reproduce musical tuning ways which are an important part of the sound of a high end equalizer.
AirEQ also features a special "Air" band, which is a new type of filter that helps you to restore or to add sound brightness.

AirEQ is not only a new step in the equalization world, but it is also a very convenient and musical tool, which helps you to make better mixes and better music. You will always be able to work privileging the musical aspects thanks to its ergonomics and options : you can focus on what you hear while equalizing.
AirEQ works in all mixing situations because of its zero delay technology. It's the only equalizer on the market with such quality and no processing delay, with a low cpu usage. You can also use it for tracking or in a live situation, AirEQ will always bring you the best results you can hope from an equalizer.

AirEQ is based on a new filtering technology, AMLT® (Analog Matched Linear Transform), wich is exclusive to Eliosound. We developed this technology using new and innovative algorithms, always keeping the musical aspect of our equalizer in mind. That's why AirEQ is the perfect balance between technology, ergonomics and the best equalization sound.

AirEQ will be released in May, in VST, AU and RTAS formats for Windows and Mac OS X, It will cost 269$/219€. A demo version will also be available soon.


  1. Anonymous19:02

    I'd like to know wether this kind of softwre is useful or not? Does anyone trust in eliosound's advertising?

  2. Well, my personal thoughts is that you can use the built-in EQ in your host software instead.

    But maybe they have some "magic" functions in their AirEQ...

  3. Anonymous13:44

    well, so this kinda product is useless isn't it?

  4. If you don't have any good EQ before, or if you not are satisfied with what you have - This product could be useful.

  5. Anonymous14:51

    Ok but their ain't any other good equalizer already available?

  6. Of course there is. It's a matter of choice.

  7. Anonymous18:16

    Ok could you advise me some of them? (sorry to disturb ya ;-)) ) Will you buy AirEQ?

  8. Here are some links:





    ...and no, I will not buy AirEq because I'm happy with the built in EQ in Ableton Live.


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