The Interruptor - Bionic Delay v1.2 (Pc/Free)

This enhanced version of the Analogic Delay gives you separate control over the delay times on left and right channel. suitable for ping pong delays and drifting delays

* tape model including tape saturation, wow, flutter, low and high pass filtering
* separate control of delay time for left and right channel
* The delay time is not entered in milliseconds but as a notelength (in relation to the song tempo in your sequencer). The Groove parameter allows fine tuning from tripplet to dotted note timing.
* "Drift" parameter gives you the possibility to create delays wandering to the left or to right in the stereo field
* press the "Ping Pong" button to create delays alternating between left and right speaker.
* parameter "Smooth" creates continuous delay time changes like on a real tape delay (no digital clicks when changing delay time during the song)
* parameter "Stereo Width" varies stereo effect from subtle to drastic
* all parameters are controllable by midi controllers.
* pop-up hints help to understand the function of each control on the user interface. These appear when the mouse rests over a control.
* Also the assignement of midi controllers is documented in the pop-up hints

* New feature: parameter "Stereo Width" varies stereo effect from subtle to drastic.