Kotkas - Paax 3 (Pc)

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Paax, a powerful VST sampler that matches many of the features of expensive samplers. Paax is available both in a limited freeware version and as the full-feature Paax Pro sampler, for a very low fee!

Paax 3 Pro New Features

* Improved MicroGranular time-domain technology for advanced time-stretching and pitch-shifting; individual settings for sound duration, fundamental (tone) and harmonics (timbre) transposition!
* New multi-mode resonant filter (low pass, high pass, band pass and band stop) with up to 30 dB resonance.
* New direct disk streaming option for straight-from-the-drive sample playback (no need for lots of RAM!).
* New stereo flanger effect.
* New import of DS-404 preset files (.404).
* Up to 256 voice polyphony.
* Optimized audio engine (~20% faster).
* New GUI with a fresh style in light colors.
* New option for circular/linear knob action.