Live 5.2 Upgrades Now Available! (Pc/Mac/Universal)

Live 5.2 is available today at Ableton, bringing immediate native Intel-Mac support. This development makes Live 5.2 one of the first professional audio applications on the market to run as a Universal Binary to take advantage of Apple's fastest machines: the new Intel-Mac.

Intel-Mac users: Intel-Mac users can purchase a new Live 5.2 serial number for 49 USD/39 EUR via the Ableton webshop. Customers who purchase the upgrade to Live 6 from the Ableton webshop will receive a full refund of this 49 USD/39 EUR. Live 6 is scheduled for release in Q3. Complete information on Live 6's specs, availability, and pricing will be made available this summer.

Accommodation for recent buyers of Live 5: Users who purchased Live 5 after Steve Jobs' announcement of the new Intel-Macs (January 10, 2006) will receive the Intel-Mac Live 5.2 download at no additional charge.

Non Intel-Mac users: For Live 5 users on PCs and non Intel-Mac machines, Live 5.2 is also available as a free bug-fix update.