MAGIX - Samplitude v8.3 (Pc)

Samplitude ranks among the most successful and ambitious solutions of its kind for PC-based audio authoring, editing and mastering.
The latest version offers many innovations while relying on important traditions – unique functionality and sound neutrality, excellent editing and processing options, perfect CD mastering and flexible adaptation to individual workflows.

Samplitude V8 is available in three versions:
professional and classic and master.

Samplitude V8.3 update

The latest program version includes comprehensive improvements in terms of import / export, object handling, scrubbing, hardware controller support, mixing-/effects handling, MIDI optimization and network dongle functionaliity.

New and extended functions of Samplitude V8.3:

Enhanced import / export functions

- MP3 surround export/import
- DVD-audio/DVD-video export/import (LPCM)
- real mono bouncing (without 6 dB drop)

Enhanced object handling

- improved ripple in corresponding object modes
- optimized object selection and marker handling

Take composer: Option to apply changes to all tracks

Enhanced scrubbing

- scrubbing mode OneSpeed
- improved reversal within keyboard scrubbing

Enhanced hardware controller support

- Templates for HUI, Tranzport
- enhanced performance
- enhanced MIDI-Learn and assigning of menu commands

Enhanced mixer / effects functions

- VST-Presets load and save support
- improved sync of Elastic Audio objects (Resampling Modus)
- new options for creating 24 Bit FX files within destructive effects

Enhanced MIDI functions

- timing improvements with MIDI Devices, e.g. Behringer BCR2000
- new ini option for completely deactivate SysX-inputs (e.g. for CME UF6)

Enhanced network dongle functions

- every dongle can now be addressed via network, providing one licence.
Prerequisite: Codemeter driver version >/= 2.20 has to be installed

Recommended hardware for Samplitude V8:
Mastering: P3/Athlon 1 GHz
Multitrack Recorder: P4/Athlon 2 GHz (fast HD)
complete studio (MIDI, instruments, room simulator, effects, mixing): P4/Athlon XP 2.4+ GHz
- Graphic card with dual monitor support
- 512/1024 MB RAM

Recommended audio hardware for Samplitude V8:
- RME Hammerfall (DSP)
- M-Audio
- Universal Audio
- TC POwercore
- Terratec
- Lynx
- Creative / EMU
- Echo
- Presonus
- Audiotrak (Maya)
- Tascam
- Marian
- Soundscape
as well as other cards compatible
with Windows MME/WDM, ASIO.

Recommended operating system for Samplitude V8:
- Windows XP (use of ASIO drivers)