MAGIX - Sequoia v8.3 (Pc)

High Definition Digital Audio Workstation

Sequoia draws upon years of co-operation with experienced producers and sound engineers to tackle every challenge faced by modern professional recording studios. Besides a wide array of proven recording and editing tools, Sequoia also offers new outstanding editing and crossfade functionality. It also includes intuitive source/destination cutting, excellent marker setup, and an efficient crossfade editor with which all crossfade parameters can be edited in real-time.

Sequoia needs no special DSP or audio hardware and works natively on host CPUs. The program can run on a laptop just as well as it does on a PC plugged into the studio. That means you can transfer your projects to mobile workstations – or anywhere else, for that matter. You remain completely independent until the project is completed while enjoying those possibilities normally only offered by a fully equipped studio: multi-track recording, professional cutting, high-end effects (such as the real-time space simulator or sound restoration tools), a complete digital mixer, real-time CD burning functionality and much, much more.

Sequoia was designed for the requirements of modern, effective teamworking. Within a network, multiple users can work simultaneously with the software. The integrated administration functions permit the assignment of individual rights of access and program configurations.

For years, Sequoia has been an integral part of leading broadcast and mastering studios worldwide, including the BBC, German public broadcasters WDR and MDR, Radio Bremen, the Viennese Symphonic Library and Sterling Sound in New York. For sound engineers, music producers, radio journalists or cutters, Sequoia is an indispensable tool for any type of professional media production. Registered users enjoy professional service, customer-oriented support, an exclusive forum and free support.

Sequoia V8.3 update
The latest program version includes comprehensive improvements in terms of import / export, object handling, scrubbing, hardware controller support, mixing-/effects handling, MIDI optimization and network dongle functionaliity.
Moreover, Sequoia V8.3 provides optimized preview times within crossfade editor and source-destination-cut.

Enhanced import / export functions

- MP3 surround export/import
- DVD-audio/DVD-video export/import (LPCM)
- real mono bouncing (without 6 dB drop)

Enhanced object handling

- improved ripple in corresponding object modes
- optimized object selection and marker handling

Take composer: Option to apply changes to all tracks

Enhanced scrubbing

- scrubbing mode OneSpeed
- improved reversal within keyboard scrubbing

Enhanced hardware controller support

- Templates for HUI, Tranzport
- enhanced performance
- enhanced MIDI-Learn and assigning of menu commands

Enhanced mixer / effects functions

- VST-Presets load and save support
- improved sync of Elastic Audio objects (Resampling Modus)
- new options for creating 24 Bit FX files within destructive effects

Enhanced MIDI functions

- timing improvements with MIDI Devices, e.g. Behringer BCR2000
- new ini option for completely deactivate SysX-inputs (e.g. for CME UF6)

Enhanced network dongle functions

- every dongle can now be addressed via network, providing one licence.
Prerequisite: Codemeter driver version >/= 2.20 has to be installed

Recommended hardware for Sequoia V8:

Mastering: P3/Athlon 1 GHz
Multitrack Recorder: P4/Athlon 2.0 (fast HD)
complete studio (MIDI, instruments, room simulator, effects, mixing): P4/Athlon XP 2.4+ GHz
- Graphic card with dual monitor support
- 512 MB - 1024 MB RAM

Recommended audio hardware for Sequoia V8:
- RME Hammerfall (DSP)
- M-Audio
- Universal Audio
- TC POwercore
- Terratec
- Lynx
- Creative / EMU
- Echo
- Presonus
- Audiotrak (Maya)
- Tascam
- Marian
- Soundscape
as well as other cards compatible
with Windows MME/WDM, ASIO.

Recommended operating system for Sequoia V8:
Windows XP (use of ASIO drivers)

New price:
2500 Euro (excl. VAT)
3000 US $ (excl. VAT)