Polyfractus - Model v1.1 (Mac/Free)

Modulation Delay

"Model" is an OSX AU MOdulation DELay plugin. From classic echoes to strange modulations and musical patterns, you can Model your sound with unlimited random modulation patterns, filters and ring modulator.

Features :

* Stereo to Stereo processing
* 1ms to 1000ms delay time.
* 5 types of modulators.
* Random generated patterns with smooth function
* Envelope follower
* Decimator
* Ring modulator
* Low & High shelf filter in feedback path
* Lowpass filter in crossfeedback path
* Parameters randomizer

What's new in this version

- User defined modulation by drawing
- New skin (thanks to Chad Tomlinson)
- New modulation types (chaosc, FM)
- Sound capture from the host
- Number of random pattern steps

Model 1.1 AU PolyFractus

- OS X
- AudioUnit host software


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