Psychic Modulation - Paradigm Shifter v3.0 (Pc/Free)

Paradigm Shifter is a beat shifting delay mangler with lots of modulation options. Here's a list of features in order of signal routing:

-Shifter Section: Can produce strange results from subtle phaser type effects to extreme FSU style madness. Comes with on-board sequencer for modulating the shifter speed.

-Filter Section: Making use of David Haupts brilliant Multi-filter module complete with gain compensation, and multiple stages (up to 8 stages, carefull when using high resonance in the high stages, can produce extreme loudness). Following the filter is a subtle distortion for beefing up the sound. The filter has it's own sequencer for modulating the cutoff frequency.

-Delay Section: Stereo delay section with dual sequencer for modulating the delay rate and feedback. The delay has left and right panners for spreading out the delay.

-Each effect section can be turned on/off

-Each effect section has it's own hidden panel for extra options

-Each sequencer can be paused, switch direction and change speed

-Shifter and filter sequencers have glide controls for gliding the modulation between steps