Redshift Audio - Drumular v1.1 (Pc)

The modular drum synth now contains 17 different synthesis modules. Designed by Andreas Ersson, Drumular provides ease and depth in the shaping of new sounds. Additional modules, enhancements of current modules, and many new features are a part of the 1.1 update.

Not only is it fun to program, it sounds great! New modules pop up immediately, so, you never really leave the main screen. Each module contains it’s own specific parameters, which drastically reduces the time that it takes to transfer sounds from your imagination to Drumular.


* A new default skin.
* 2 new modules ('bd' and 'sd').
* Extra kits now load.
* Enhanced sp and gsdm modules.
* 'Stereo' enhancement option.
* New 'trigger' menu.
* Updated waveform display.