Rocktave - Delta SP v2.02 (Pc)

Delta SP is like a bunch of normal music software programs, except it's all been crammed into one, so it's much bigger, but more flexible and easier to use once you've learned the basics. Delta SP has a sequencer, which plays MIDI messages to it's internal synthesizer or to external MIDI devices, and also Audio clips to Audio channels in the synth.

You can use Delta SP to compose music, jingles, radio programs or film effects. When your project is ready you can use the Export Audio function to save your project as a high definition WAV, MP3 or OGG file.

The Delta SP synthesizer is stereo, including effects. It uses 32 bit audio. It loads internal plugins and VST plugins. It has a big integrated sampler similar to soundfont technology which works together with the synth. Delta SP works great on Windows 95 thru Windows XP.

Delta SP should take you a few hours to get familiar with if you are reasonably proficient with working a computer. It might take you sometime to learn all the parts if you are not familiar with music software in general. If you have used music software before, you will recognize a lot of standard tools and panels in Delta SP.


Multi-Track Sequencer
# Unlimited tracks in unlimited nestable track folders.
# Sequence Audio and MIDI clips.
# Import and export MIDI.
# Import and export Audio.
# MP3, OGG and WAV formats supported.
# 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit PCM waves.
# Customisable sequencer theme.
# Share plugins amongst multiple tracks.
# Sequence to external MIDI devices.

System Requirements
Minimum System Requirements
# 500 Mhz processor or faster
# Windows Operating System (Windows 95,98,Me,2000,2003 and Windows XP)
# 128MB Memory
# 10MB Disk Space
# 16-bit color display at 800x600 resolution
# Sound Card or On Board Sound
Recommended System Requirements
# 2000 Mhz processor or faster
# Windows XP
# 512MB Memory
# 32-bit color display at 1024x768 resolution
# Sound Card or On Board Sound


* New simple audio driver option. Uses windows default sound device settings. Easier to use.
* Fixed MIDI bug causing crash at startup for some systems with MIDI keyboard connected.
* Multiple Audio Outputs for plugins and VST plugins like MIDI synthesizers.
* Multiple Audio Outputs for built in MusicBlaster plugin.
* Record audio from any output of any plugin instrument or effect directly to sequencer track.
* Option to record either stereo, left or right channel from audio record source such as plugin or soundcard.
* Automatic normalization for recorded audio in sequencer tracks.
* 3 new effect plugins. ChorusX, ReverbX and PhaserX.
* New MIDI Plugins - Arpeggiator, MIDI riff, MIDI Key Split and MIDI channel split.
* Fixed envelope artifacts in simple FM plugins like EFM2 and EFM3 for cleaner sounding FM instruments.
* Input Latency speed commands for DirectSound based audio drivers.
* Upgraded oscilloscope.
* New multi-channel audio plugin for audio clips with per channel filter and pitchshift.
* New more logical pan and volume controller adjustment from sequencer tracks.