Sagan Technology - Metro pre-release v6.3.5.2 (Mac/Universal)

Metro is a fast-operating, easy-to-learn high-powered sequencer for the design of professional audio projects. It stands alone as a complete and integrated MIDI, audio and video production system.

The audio system supports up to 64 audio tracks. Each track can have its own effect chain. Eight aux busses are also supported. Each with their own chain. Chains can be made up of VST effects and/or AudioUnits (OS X only). VST 2.0 is supported. All effects can be automated. Real-time editing is encouraged. Software audio play-thru allows the original audio to be recorded regardless of what plug-ins are currently in use.

The MIDI system has been around since the 1980's and is the most versatile and stable product of its kind on any platform. Metro combines all the functionality expected from a professional Macintosh MIDI sequencer with a simplified interface and innovative ideas, such as the Rhythm Explorer™ and the algorithmic Note Spray Paint tool.This MIDI system has been updated to support CoreMIDI and VST technologies.

The video system uses Apple's QuickTime technology for recording, applying video effects and overlaying text.

Complex projects can now be completed simply and elegantly.


* A menu item 'Automation Record' has been added to the switches menu. With its corresponding key combination, the user can now invoke automation recording much more easily.
* An item has been added to the Effects window output selection popup to allow for a new audio output to be created.
* The qualification dialog has been rewritten to take advantage of OS X features.
* The Note edit dialog (control-click a note event in graphic editor window) and the program change dialog have been updated to take advantage of OS X features and are now movable.
* The pitch corresponding to the cursor position displayed in the graphic editor is now based on which slot the cursor is in.
* More robust automatic bank and program matching when a MIDI file is imported. Previously Metro would automatically match a bank selection only if both the LSB and MSB of the bank select (MIDI controller 0 and 32) were present and sequenced directly after one another. This restriction has been lifted.
* Automation has been improved for AudioUnits. This include new support for the "Gesture Type" callbacks in OS X 10.3 or greater.
* Optimizations for AU plug-ins provides better support for plug-ins like Ultimate Sound Bank's Ultra Focus.


* A crash could occur if multiple sections were cleared during playback.
* A crash could occur when trying to transpose, time stretch, or apply an effect to an archived audio track.
* A crash could occur if an audio track was cut or cleared while the overview was building. This problem has existed since 6.3.
* A crash when selecting the clef in the notation track setup dialog.
* A problem caused the selection of certain popup menus within plug-ins (e.g. FabFilter Twin) to be ignored.
* The master VU was not showing activity for MIDI data if the individual MIDI data VU's were not visible.
* The implementation from 6.3.5 of having the Master Fader not affect softsynth MIDI faders was not completed properly. This would result in MIDI softsynth levels (controller 7) being erroneously sent to the softsynth plug-ins in certain circumstances.
* Scale Time would occasionally set the tracks length incorrectly.
* Clicking on a plug-in in the plug-ins window was not working in some rare instances.
* When mixing or rendering to 24 bit audio data, the last sample was garbage and could cause a glitch at the end of the audio.
* It was possible in some rare cases that edits made to effects automation would not show up unless there was MIDI or audio data on the track first.
* If a Graphic editor slot was zoomed out and the track contained in that slot was selected from the tracks window it would not show up. This has been corrected. Now when the track is selected the zoomed in slot is zoomed out first and then the new track's slot is zoomed in.
* It was possible that menus were erroneously being enabled when in certain modal dialogs.
* Mighty mouse support was not working when the graphic editor was zoomed in to an audio sample level.
* Groove Quantize to user defined grooves was not always working correctly.
* Saving chord progressions was recently broken.
* The cursor type was being erroneously reset when the cursor was over certain plug-in windows.
* The input popup menu would erroneously popup in the remote control window after clicking in a different field in some rare instances.
* The Intel version was reporting incorrect version numbers in the Plug-ins window.
* The Intel version was not mixing or rendering 24 bit source audio data to 16 bit audio data correctly when the sample rates of the source and destination audio were the same.
* Dragging an item in the jukebox would sometimes change the selected file to be played incorrectly.
* Some miscellaneous problems with reassigning soft-synth tracks to audio and visa versa has been corrected.
* A problem whereby if "Paste And..." was previously performed, the Rhythm Explorer would not function correctly.
* Double clicking in the tracks window erroneously did nothing in certain circumstances.
* A problem whereby the notation was not being completed disposed of upon exit. This could leave orphaned printer description files in the directory /private/var/tmp.