Signum S1100 Sampler (Pc/Free)

Software sampler module built on top of DIRECT SOUND technology
A ready to use classic piano module
Midi patchbay 8x8 in/out and midifile player

Direct X sound technology, DirectX and VST Plugins with realtime control, 16 bit 44100 hz CD audio quality,
piano module,midipatchbay and fileplayer, AKAI CDROM reading capabilities (only 1000 format), short latency time, multiple outputs support, up to 100 programs, 99 keygroups foreach program, 4 samples foreach keygroup, unlimited voices number, realtime midi controlled low-pass filter, velocity,pitch bend, pan, volume, unlimited note polyphony, fun knobs and switches
Minimum requirements:
Pentium 512 MB Ram / SVGA / audio device
Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95