Sonicbytes - Phrazor Preview 2 (Pc)

Phrazor - Virtual Synthesizer Workstation

allows you to combine, play and sequence your plugins in one intuitive interface:

* Rack style GUI providing 64 Tracks, each with 8 Plugin-Slots
* Build reusable Racks, Sounds, Clips
* Efficient workflow with Drag 'n Drop and customizable Browsers
* Categorize your Racks, Sounds and Clips
* Move your work between systems (Host/OS-independent fileformats)
* Semi-Modular Routing
* Horizontal Mixer supporting Sends and Effect Racks
* Provides Sounddesign on a higher level
* Full-featured Sequencer with Playlist, Pianoroll and Fullscreen-modes
* Ready for Live-Performances providing Snapshots and Scenes

2006-04-05 - Phrazor Preview #2 released

There have been some installation issues with Preview #1 on machines without SP2. This has been fixed. Furthermore the VST compatibility has been improved:


* No more dependencies on Microsoft Libraries
* GUI speed optimized, minor GUI fixes
* No sound with certain plugin (i.e. MicroTonic, B4)
* Doubleclick on Slot opens plugin-editor
* Click on Slot brings plugin-editor to front
* Audition routed only to selected Track
* VST's and Slots can be dragged directly to Tracks
* Note-off during Bypass-on could lead to hanging notes
* Plugins-Editor opens automatically when loading

Preordering is still possible! Buy Phrazor now for 29 euros...

The release is scheduled for April/May '06. A free fully functional Preview version is available for download.