Steinberg - Nuendo v3.2.1.1153 (Pc/Mac)

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Nuendo 3 - Media Production System

Nuendo 3 is one of the most flexible and technologically advanced post-production, recording and Surround systems available on the market today. Extraordinary sound quality and a host of unrivalled features, paired with a totally open architecture engineered to accommodate the audio industry’s prevailing software and hardware standards, make Nuendo the system of choice for discerning professional users. Its system performance is readily scaled using any standard computer components. This gives you the computing power you need to rise to the challenge of handling complex projects entailing hundreds of tracks, innumerable effects and even the most intricate mixer configurations – all at a remarkably affordable price.

* Recording, editing and mixing with up to 192-kHz and 24-bit processing power (pristine 32-bit floating point internal resolution)
* Intuitive handling and extensive customization options to accelerate workflow
* Projects port readily to and from all standard audio and video cutting systems
* Powerful multi-channel capability throughout the signal path
* Awesome-sounding 32-bit Audio Engine optimized for multiprocessor operation
* Up to 192 physical inputs/outputs alongside freely selectable audio hardware
* Smooth, seamless integration into LAN and WAN environments
* Cross-platform product (Mac OS X/Windows XP)

A new update for all Nuendo 3 users is now available! Version 3.2.1 is recommended for all Nuendo 3 users, offering not only some minor enhancements, but also a much-improved "Detect Silence" function as well as adding "User Defined Functions" for Yamaha 02R96 users.


* A new option "process all" in the Detect Silence dialog allows processing of all selected events in a project in one go with the detect silence functionality.
* On the Yamaha 02R96, the User Defined Functions (UDF) are now implemented:
o UDF1 - Project To Front
o UDF2 - Bank Left
o UDF3 - Bank Right
o UDF4 - User 4
o UDF5 - User 5
o UDF6 - User 6
o UDF7 - User 7
o UDF8 - User 8
o UDF9 - Mixer Window
o UDF10 - Channel Left
o UDF11 - Channel Right
o UDF12 - Toggle Automation Button (read/write)
o UDF13 - Read All
o UDF14 - Write All
o UDF15 - User 15 / Undo
o UDF16 - User 16 / Save

Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirements state the minimal specification your computer must have to be able to use the software. A more powerful system may be required for certain tasks or larger projects. You can find more information about computer system specification and setup here.

* Mac OS X v10.4
* Power Mac G4 1 GHz Minimum
* 512 MB RAM
* DVD drive required for installation
* CoreAudio compatible audio hardware is required
* USB port required for Steinberg Key (copy protection device)*
* Internet connection required for license activation

* Windows XP Home or XP Professional
* Intel / AMD Prozessor 1.4 GHz minimum
* 512 MB RAM
* DVD drive required for installation
* Windows MME compatible audio hardware is required (ASIO compatible audio hardware required for low latency operation).
* USB port required for Steinberg Key (copy protection device)*
* Internet connection required for license activation