Time Control Productions - Mantragora v1.1 (Pc)

Mantragora - a hybrid synth that offers unconventional sound exploration techniques to produce a unique and all encompassing range of sounds.


* 4 Oscillators (2 analogue-style, 2 "dirty" phase distortion).
* 3 Filters (2 multi-mode and an all-pass, mod-wheel filter).
* 3 Low Frequency Oscillators.
* X-Tone Generator (with LFO).
* FM Synthesis (on all oscillators).
* Reverb and Phaser effects.
* Auto Panning.
* MIDI Learn ++Locked during Demo.
* Recording ++Locked during Demo.
* Head-Trip and Eye-Chorus joysticks.
* 128 other-worldy presets.


* Wave Recorder Upgrade: Now records at 24-bit instead of 16-bit.
* Cosmetic changes to wave filing system.