Wusikstation 3 beta 100 (Pc)

Wusikstation VSTi -
Hybrid Vector & Wavesequencer Sampler for VST Hosts


HQ 32 Bits Sampler (allows Multi-Sampled files).

Loads DASHsnd, WusikSND and WAV files directly. (without conversions)

Comes with WAV to WusikSND converter FREE. Allows you to create your own Multi-Sampled WusikSND files. Using several WAV files by Key Zone or Velocity Zone.

User Skinable, comes with several skin options.

Assembly code with SSE instructions. The fastest engine on the market. [ CPU Usage Chart ]

2 x Oversampled resonant filters with Smooth option.

Wavesequencers and LFOs synced to host tempo.

Midi Learn option to almost every parameter, with Min/Max option.

Stereo FX Sends with 2 extra outputs. So you don't loose the "PAN" information and can also turn-off the internal FXs and use your own ones on the extra output ports.

MicroTuning support via Scala .TUN files - Includes a Library of over 2800 files.

MouseWheel and Keyboard support for all hosts. Copy and Paste of Layers.

What will be the difference of the Version 3.0.0?

* The Package Name:
o Wusikstation V3 Silver & GOLD Package. (you can also updated the engine only)
* Extra Sounds: (optional)
o The HQ Acoustic Collection. (so far almost one Gig of extra sounds)
o Other HQ sets yet to be defined.
* Extra features: (it will still be compatible with V2 skins)
o Modular Filter Design, using a similar SDK that was used for the Effects Area.
Extra Filters yet to be defined.
o More Effects, no list provided yet, we will do one as we go along.
o Extra feature on the Effects SDK, making it possible to create advanced FXs,
that has its own GUI and extra parameters. Also, it would make it possible to
create a VST loader FX, but we won't promise that just yet.
o Insert effects per Layer. This will be done on the same Effects-Page.
Besides the current FX1 and FX2, you will have 6 new options. FXO1, FXO2, FXO3, FXO4, FXW1, FXW2.
o Extra Envelope options: Exponential (plus inverted) or Linear Phases. (works on AmpEnvs and ModEnvs)
o Option to LINK Amp Envelopes.
o Master Unison.
o New Mod-Matrix options:
+ Simple Scripting language for creating complex functions.
+ Add or Multiply option. (V2 only multiplies)
+ Wavesequencer position as Destination.
+ Others yet to be defined.
o File Search Function. (works for all files)
+ Advanced Preset Word Function. (this lets you search for presets that has, for example, piano sounds)
o Favorites Presets Save/Load option.
o New customizable Tool Tips code. (uses a TXT file for customization)
o Other features that will be defined as we code it.