Acon Digital Media - Studio Clean v1.5 (Pc)

Studio Clean™ is a DirectX and VST compatible plug-in suite for use in host applications such as audio editing or processing software. It consists of four plug-ins for noise reduction and quality enhancements:

* StudioDenoiser is a plug-in for broadband noise reduction. Because the algorithm takes the perceptual properties of the human hearing into account it achieves a high level of noise reduction with a minimum of artifacts.
* StudioDeclicker contains two different algorithms. The actual click filter eliminates larger clicks and pops in the recording, while the crackle filter eliminates very frequent, but short clicks.
* StudioDeclipper restores recordings that suffer from analog or digital clipping.
* StudioRebirth adds synthesized high frequency harmonics to give life to old and dull sounding recordings.

Before you install Studio Clean, please make sure your computer fulfills the following requirements:

* A Pentium or compatible processor with a clock rate of 1 GHz or more
* Minimum 128 MB RAM
* A Windows compatible sound card

In addition, you will need the following software installed on your computer:

* Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
* DirectX 8.0 or later
* A DirectX or VST compatible host application (such as Acoustica or other audio editing software)

Studio Clean 1.5
The latest release of our Studio Clean plug-in suite now supports VST hosts. Owners of previous versions of Studio Clean can upgrade for free and use their original license key.

Studio Clean costs $69