Apple Logic Pro / Expres v7.2.1 (Mac/Universal)

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Unleashing the Next Wave

Logic Pro 7 features new instruments and effects, state-of-the-art loop composition tools as well as optimizations for the PowerPC G5 processor and Mac OS X, forming a highly productive system that will change the way you compose, record, edit and mix music in any studio environment. The latest version provides near unlimited processing resources through the simple addition of Macintosh computers.

Tap Into Greater Power

The new distributed audio processing feature in Logic Pro 7 offers a plug-and-play solution that provides the ability to tap networked computers for more DSP processing power. Simply add one or more Macintosh systems via Ethernet to your Logic Pro 7 system. The result is an audio and music production system with processing power that was previously unimaginable — up to 128 stereo streams.

Sculpture and UltraBeat
Dynamic Creation

Innovative software instruments solidify the program’s outstanding sound generation capabilities — in the studio and on stage. These new options expand the already comprehensive array of instruments available, broadening the sonic potential of your Macintosh. Simulate any sound with breathtakingly natural timbre in Sculpture, a component modeling synthesizer. Create hypnotic rhythms using Ultrabeat, a beatbox with 25 voices and virtually unlimited parameter adjustment. Low-latency MIDI processing provides control over external sound devices, software instruments and effects.

Infinite Loops
Loop Browser

Apple Loops browsing and editing enable you to time stretch and pitch shift audio files in real time. Apple Loops let you work more efficiently and provide better workflow than conventional file formats. When you insert Apple Loops in software instrument format onto a software instrument track, Logic imports them as MIDI sequences with the originating instrument and effect settings intact. This allows you to change pitch, instrumentation or effects — something you could only dream of with standard audio loops technology. Logic also uses this functionality when you import GarageBand compositions, preserving every detail as you migrate the sessions for editing and producing in a truly professional environment.

Stellar Performance

Logic Pro 7 turns the Macintosh into a digital audio workstation that meets the highest demands for audio quality. It supports audio at 16- and 24-bit resolution and sample rates of up to 192kHz for both audio recording and playback of internal software instruments. Logic Pro 7 offers nine new effect plug-ins, including Guitar Amp Pro, for amp modeling. 32-bit floating-point mathematics provides enormous headroom for internal processing, making it nearly impossible to overload the signal — even during mixdown to 16-bit audio for CD release. In other words, Logic Pro 7 delivers excellence.

Logic Pro 7 Features

Distributed Audio Processing
Run tons of plug-ins using networked G5 systems.
Apple Loops
Produce sound beds instantly from a comprehensive audio library.
Three New Instruments
Synthesize anything naturally via component modeling.
Bang out endless permutations on a modern drum machine.
From dreamy landscapes to punchy belltones with FM style.
Nine New Effect Plug-ins
Guitar Amp Pro
Dial in sweet guitar tones from arena to funk, live or in studio.
Linear Phase EQ
Manipulate EQ curves without corrupting phase.
Match EQ
Match acoustically two signals to transfer frequency spectrum.
Pitch Correction
Correct improper intonation on vocals or force to monotone.
Add metallic sheen to any loop or sample for haunting effects.
More than 100 Enhancements
Recall Channel Strips
Save all channel settings and parameters for future projects.
Global Tracks
Control tempo, signature and more, all graphically.
Shuffle Editing in Arrange
Restrain movement to prevent regions from overlapping.
Auto Crossfades in Arrange
Apply crossfades automatically to overlapping regions.
Software Instrument Layering
Play multiple software instruments simultaneously.
EXS24 Editing Improvements
Drag and drop audio and edit zones graphically.

Logic Express provides the same working environment as Logic Pro 7 with scaled-back features for students and hobbyists.

* Intel Macs: ReWire and ReCycle support, Standard MIDI file export, OMF import, VSL EXS instrument compatibility.
* Blank Sample Editor window in some circumstances.
* Unexpected halt of software instrument output.
* Compatibility with Logic 7.1 songs.
* Direct playback of MP3 files.
* EuCon support for the Euphonix MC and CM408T control surfaces.