Arturia - Prophet V v1.1 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

From the homepage:
Prophet V Update v1.1
We are pleased to announce the first update to the Prophet V.
The following is a description of the changes made:

* Universal binary support for the Prophet V (aka Mac Intel compatible) .

* When in reset performance mode, some notes were hanging or not being triggered when the Prophet V was used as a VST plug-in. This bug is now remedied in version 1.1

* Bug fix in the keyboard following of the filter. This fix will result in some patches sounding slightly brighter, as the cut-off of the filter now follows the keyboard in the correct fashion.

* Bug fix on the resize on Logic 6.x

Installation HOW TO:

* Uncompress the downloaded file
* Launch the installation file
* If you already installed a previous version, please check that the installation directory of the update is the same that the installation directory of the previous version
* If prompted for installing a recent version of the Syncrosoft Control Center, choose yes and follow the instructions

Arturia has taken the FIRST and LAST synthesizers created by Sequential Circuits and brought them to you in an easy to use software format. As with all other soft-synths created by Arturia, we bring you a replica of the Prophet 5 and VS both visually and sonically. Using the PROPHET V will be second nature for all you old-pros, and if you’re new to the synthesizers, the only thing you’ll miss by not having the hardware versions is the workout from transporting them to the studio. Since the PROPHET V is designed with Arturia’s TAE® technology, you can be sure you won’t give up sound quality.

There are three interfaces in the Prophet V: Prophet 5, Prophet VS, and Hybrid mode.
The Prophet 5 and Prophet VS emulations have all the goodies of the originals (5 voice polyphony, white noise modulators, dynamic waveform crossfading with joystick, etc). You can even import any existing preset banks from the original synthesizers in a format called SysEx sound data. This data was one of the truly unique attributes of the original synthesizers because it allowed musicians to save their presets for one of the first times ever. With Arturia's Prophet V, we have respected this spirit by allowing you to use the presets you've already created in the original synthesizer while playing the synthesizer in its software counterpart.

The Hybrid mode is both synthesizers stacked one on top of the other offering you an entirely new world of possibilities.


* Compatibility with the Presets of the original synthesizers
* No aliasing from 0.1Hz to 16kHz
* Calculated precision : 64 bits
* Sample Frequency : until 96 kHz
* More than 400 presets created by some of the great musicians
* Compatible with a MIDI keyboard
* 2 analog oscillators for the Prophet 5
* 4 wavetables oscillators for the Prophet VS
* Capacity to synchronize Osc2 on Osc1 for the Prophet VS
* 1 Mixer with joystick and automation envelope for mixing the 4 oscillators of the Prophet VS
* 1 resonating low pass filter for the Prophet 5
* 1 multimode resonant filter for the Prophet 5
* 3 LFO that can be synchronized with the tempo of the host sequencer
* 5 envelopes: 2 ADSR; 3 5 point envelopes
* 1 Modulation matrix
* 1 Audio Matrix
* 1 Chorus
* 1 Stereo Delay with MIDI synchronization
* Polyphony of 2 to 32 voices with the unison possibility
* Audio quality and purity as in the original Prophet 5 and VS

And lots more...

Required Configuration:

PC :
1.5 GHz CPU, 256 MB of RAM, Windows 2000/ME/XP

1.5 GHz CPU, 256 MB of RAM, MacOS X 10.2 or higher

Protection by Syncrosoft™: USB port required