Bremmers Audio Design - MultitrackStudio v4.1 (Pc/Lite version Free)

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MultitrackStudio is audio/MIDI multitrack recording software for Windows.
It combines a multitrack recorder, a mixer, lots of effects and a MIDI sequencer in one package: everything that's needed to turn your computer into a digital multitrack sound recording studio.
Audio Recording: Audio tracks can be recorded while playing along with previously recorded ones.
MIDI Recording: MIDI tracks can be recorded using a MIDI keyboard. Not only can the instrument sounds be generated by your keyboard, soundcard or other MIDI hardware, but by the built-in sampler or VSTi / DXi plugins as well.
Editing: Both audio and MIDI tracks can be edited to get rid of any mistakes. The MIDI editing features include pianoroll, notation, drum and pattern editing.
Mixing: MultitrackStudio has a powerful mixer structure including an unlimited number of Effect Return and Group sections, numerous built-in quality effects and VST and DX plugin support.
Mastering: Finally you can mix all tracks down to a single audio file. This file can be imported in your CD-writer software.
Ease of use: MultitrackStudio proves that multitrack recording on a computer can be as easy as tape-based recording. Its non-computerlike design makes it easy to use, and yet powerful. If you like singing and playing your instruments better than trying to figure out some complicated piece of software you'll most certainly like MultitrackStudio!

* A computer that's not older than 5 years (older ones are too slow).
* Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98 or 95.
* A full duplex (ie. simultaneous playback and recording) soundcard.
* For audio recording: a microphone (and optionally a mic preamp, compressor etc.)
For MIDI recording: a MIDI keyboard etc.

MultitrackStudio Features
Key Features

* Record new tracks while playing along with existing ones:
o Audio (mono or stereo) and/or MIDI tracks.
o Save disk space using real-time lossless audio file compression (more).
o Use the Varispeed control if your instrument's pitch differs from your song's (Pro Plus edition only) (more).
* Mix the tracks:
o Unlimited number of groups and effect send/returns supported.
o Route Group or Effect Return sections to soundcard outputs (Pro Plus edition only).
o Mixer / Effects automation (Pro Plus edition only).
* Enhance your mix with real-time effects:
o Choose out of 19 high quality audio effects (more).
o Use VST 2.0 and DirectX plugins.
o Add/move/remove effects on-the-fly.
o Sample and use your favorite reverb's impulse response.
* Use MIDI to play instruments you can't play or don't own:
o Use the disk-streaming Sampler (reads .GIG and .SF2 patches).
o Use VSTi and DXi soft synths.
o Use external synths and/or your soundcard's synth.
* Correct your mistakes:
o Punch in/out recording.
o Non-destructive audio editing.
o MIDI pianoroll, notation, drum and controller editors.
o Unlimited levels of undo.
o Track editors have built-in scrubbing capabilities (Pro Plus edition only).
* Easy to use, no frustrations:
o Context sensitive help system: press the F1 key to get help on the item the mouse points to.
o Remotely start recorder using MIDI sustain pedal or keyboard.
o Record alternate takes with just one key press.
o Drag gear from the Shelf.
o 'Install and Play'.
o Wizard to perform basic tasks.

Technical details

* 32 bit audio processing.
* HP-TPD dithering with or without noiseshaping.
* 44.1/48 kHz samplerate (Pro Plus edition supports 88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz as well).
* 16 bit audio files (Pro Plus edition supports 24 and 32 bit as well).
* Stereo soundcards supported using MME, DirectSound or ASIO drivers.
The Pro Plus edition supports multichannel recording (using ASIO driver).
* Compensates for SoundBlaster Live! 44.1 kHz full-duplex problem (more).
* Automation (Pro Plus edition only) is sample accurate, except for VST/DX plugins.

Price: From 69 dollar (Lite version free).

New in release 4.1:

User Interface improvements:

* New improved help system.
* Yellow hint balloons appear at more convenient locations.
* Hardware control surface support.
* Mixer sections can be collapsed to save space.
* Selector windows (the VST plugin selector etc.) can be resized.
* Level meters of recording audio tracks: righthand segment flashes if overload occurred. Rightclicking resets it.
* The intensity (brightness) of the green displays and editors is adjustable.
* VST/DX windows: click the 'metal' to return keyboard focus to MultitrackStudio (if plugin has taken it).
* Chords and Lyrics. Can be displayed in almost any editor.
* Toggle Play, Rec, Mute or Edit buttons of all tracks simultaneously (use Ctrl key)

MIDI editing improvements:

* Click Track Generator and Tempo Editor: tempo values can be entered by tapping on the space bar.
* Pianoroll: added big size view.
* Pianoroll: While selecting a part: if the selected notes make a chord the chord's name is displayed.
* Notation Editor: better 'cleaning up' of non-quantized notes.
* Notation Editor: added Tenor and Alto clefs.
* Drum Editor: delete, drag or change volume of similar notes in similar bars simultaneously.
* 'Mouse Modifiers' to edit individual notes quickly (volume, duration etc., or even 'expand to chord').

Performance improvements:

* 24 bit losslessly compressed .gjm and .gjs audio files (Pro Plus Edition only).
* Audio engine takes advantage of dual core CPU.
* MIDI file resolution doubled.
* Convolutor effect works faster when used 'live', or when using an Intel CPU (it was fast on AMD already).

Various other improvements and minor fixes.