Digidesign Ships Trillium Lane Labs’ TL Drum Rehab and TL AutoPan Plug-ins

Digidesign is pleased to ship two new Trillium Lane Labs® plug-ins for the Pro Tools® environment: the TL Drum Rehab™ drum replacement tool and the TL AutoPan™ panning plug-in. TL Drum Rehab offers a comprehensive set of tools to enhance or replace original drum recordings precisely, automatically, and in real time. TL AutoPan brings Pro Tools stereo and surround effects processing into the twenty-first century with an array of panning effects based on classic analog panning units.

TL Drum Rehab is an excellent tool for customers who need to energize a feeble snare track, replace a kick drum that sounds more like a cardboard box, or simply exchange one tom sound for another. TL Drum Rehab can prevent the tedious work of replacing individual drum hits by providing tools to automatically transform drum tracks. Users can load 16 different replacement samples for each track and assign them to different velocity zones. TL Drum Rehab replaces the original performance in real time, with sample-accurate precision. Advanced options enable the user to generate the different tones of two sticking positions; choose from free or choked voicings; adjust the attack, sustain, and EQ for shaping replacement samples; and more.

TL Drum Rehab features automatic, sample-accurate, and real-time replacement of drum sounds; editable sample-accurate trigger locations; dynamic multi-sample support for up to 16 levels; envelope and tone shaping; a powerful sample browser and converter; and undo capabilities. TL Drum Rehab is an RTAS® plug-in.

TL AutoPan is great for customers who want to produce anything from swirling guitars or a subtle vocal sweep to dramatic stereo and surround manipulation. Borrowing from the flexible tempo synchronization, trigger, and envelope detection features from TL EveryPhase™ phaser plug-in, TL AutoPan offers rhythmic, musical panning effects ranging from the subtle to the extreme. TL AutoPan includes graphic metering of output and pan position for precise control of panning effects.

TL AutoPan features stereo and surround panning*; flexible LFO modulation with waveform, session tempo, and trigger options; envelope modulation from input or side-chain input; and output and pan modulation metering. TL AutoPan offers RTAS- and TDM-format plug-ins.

*Surround capabilities available only with Pro Tools|HD® systems.

TL Drum Rehab and TL AutoPan are both available through the online DigiStore (store.digidesign.com). TL Drum Rehab is also available at your local Digidesign Authorized Reseller.