Image Line - Juice Pack (Pc)

For your mixing and mastering pleasure Image Line bring you Juice Pack, a collection of the most popular effects from FL Studio.

Inside this pack you will find a collection of plugins designed to give your tracks that professional polish you are looking for :

IL Multiband Compressor - Control volume peaks and fatten sounds in 3 frequency bands.

IL Delay - Creates echoes with echo filtering options

IL Delay Bank - Creates impossibly complex echoes and filtering.

IL WaveShaper – Define your own distortion curves.

IL EQUO - Graphic Morphing EQ with spectral learning capability.

IL Parametric EQ - Control bandwidth and target frequency of EQ bands.

IL Flangus - Phase cancellation effect.

IL Vocoder - Sound like a robot or make a synth sound talk.

IL Edison - Audio recorder / editor.

IL Spectroman - See what your noise looks like with a sonograph or spectrograph display.

IL Stereo Enhancer - Simulate or enhance stereo effects.

Price: 99 dollar