Kong Audio - ChineeGuzheng v1.03 (Pc)

Rippling and Dreamy

Guzheng, as one of the most representative Chinese instruments, first appeared around the Warring States period (475 - 221 BC), then became extremely popular during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD) and spread to all neighboring areas ever since (e.g., Guzheng is the forefather of Japanese Koto). Guzheng was originally a rather simple instrument with only five strings. After all the years of evolution, today's Guzheng has twenty-one strings and is still widely used in all kinds of Chinese music.

Guzheng has a unique, rippling sound character. The playing techniques developed for Guzheng are also unique and distinct, therefore set it apart from any other members in the world's zither family.

Extraordinary Live Performance Playability

ChineeGuzheng has an extensive sampleset which contains various types of tremolo, slide, glissando, and strumming. The note range is from A2 to G7 (for most patches).

Coupled with Kong Audio's professional arrangement which has been highly complimented by various magazine reviews, playing with ChineeGuzheng is an inspiring and enjoyable experience. Like all Kong Audio plugins, instead of a dead set of rigid samples, ChineeGuzheng is marked with unparalleled playability which hasn't been achieved before in the Chinese instrument libraries.

System requirements and specs:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. 256mb RAM. *For Windows platform only.
Works with VSTi compatible hosts.
All samples are recorded in 24bit 96kHz.

Update History:

V 1.03 05/30/06

+An overhauled soundbank. Fixed a few glitches in the sample sets, the mappings, and the patch-naming.
+ The mapping range is now extended to A2-G7.
+ Added a few new presets and mappings.