MESA+ - ADD v1.1 (Pc)

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ADD is a new and innovative multi purpose phrase-sampler VST2.0 compatible, which combines a powerful sampler (Sound Engine) with a real-time phrase sequencer (RPS). ADD has been equally designed for use in a live performance or as a creative compositional tool; it enables you to quickly create original sequences while improvising with your midi-keyboard. ADD is 8-part multitimbral, each part containing its own RPS and Sound Engine. Add comes with its own unique sound library, which provides sequences and sound-patches. These are constantly being updated and can be accessed on our website.

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The RPS has been designed to enhance and inspire musical composition. Amongst other functions, it can be used to harmonize or re-arrange music directly using your midi keyboard. An easy and intuitive editor maps sequences within midi notes ranges, ready to be triggered via midi in several different modes. Midi effects such as Quantize-swing or Humanization have been deeply studied in order to match midi sequences in any type of musical style. The RPS allows you to setup phrases for each patch. These phrases can be short clips, arpeggios, drumloops or complete tracks. The RPS is actually a set of eight independent polyphonic sequencers. The output of each sequencer is sent directly to the according patch-sampler. The phrases are triggered across an adjustable key-range and support many runtime features such as transposing.

The Sound Engine works like a PCM tone generator and it is composed of 4 Keygroups, each of them with a separate synth engine. This allows you to easily combine and layer sounds in order to rapidly create new and sophisticated timbres. An integrated Keygroup editor makes it a simple task to load and map your samples.


8 part multi-timbral phrase sampler

32 bit sampler engine

loads 16/24/32 bit @ 44.1/48/88/96Khz mono/stereo Wav files

playmode: mono, legato, poly

polyphonic and monophonic glide

2 or 8 stereo output

the keygroup is a ensemble of samples that delivers sound to the synth engine (like a oscillator in a synthesizer)

a keygroup can contain up to 128 velocity splits

flexible keygroup-editor loads and maps wavs

4 keygroups with 4 independent synth-engines

filter lp/hp/bp/bp-r/notch/low-shelv/hishelv/eq

2 envelopes with shape function

2 step-LFOs which can sync to the host bpm

scale editor for velocity and notes

built-in filter-delay effect with bpm-host synch option

4 assignable macros knobs


128 clips (patterns) for each of the 8 patches.

each clip can be delimited to trigger note range

clip can be played in legato/split/polyphonic mode via midi

advance piano roll editing including notes and control change, which help to quickly compose sequences

undo/redo copy/paste function

import standard midi files

integrated midi effect controls the quantization and humanization of the clips


ADD 1.1 Update Highlights:

A special SSE optimization for Intel and AMD processors has been applied to Version 1.1. The CPU usage is much lower and more efficient now, and using SSE hand-coding we hope to further increase speed and performance in upcoming releases.

The filters in Version 1.0 used 64 bit for calculation which required masses of memory (around 60 MB!!!) as well as more CPU.

In Version 1.1 all filters have been modified to work at 32 bit. This reduces CPU usage without any audible difference.

Modulating Pitch has been optimized to further reduce CPU usage

106 brand new soundsets/patches have been included in ADD 1.1 boxed version. Now the boxed version includes a total of 439 instruments and 57 drumkits.

The LFOs have been enhanced allowing you to choose per Voice or per Sound. You can select ON/OFF/RETRIG. The RETRIG mode is per voice (as ON was in Version 1.0). The new ON mode is per Sound. This uses the CPU more efficiently, especially when modulating a lot. This is important in POLY mode where all voices use the same LFO.

Note: the default mode is ON (per Sound) – this will make certain audio files sound different.