Piotr Pyrzanowski - Extremist v1.0 (Pc/Free)

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"Extremist" is a VST plugin for guitars. It's main purpose is distorting guitar signal to receive extremally heavy sound. This effect is not a tube amplifier simulator, however some methods of altering signal are similar to tube amplification characteristics.
The effect works in stereo mode, without any latency. It uses 15 bin stereo equalizer. It's prepared to use SSE instruction set for Pentium II or newer processors.
Drive, Dry, Wet, Volume - knobs for regulating amplification & mixing signals.
Feedback - level of feed back signal.
Clip - clipping level.
Reverb - stereofonic reverb effect, adjustable up to delay.
Mod Boost - mid tones amplification.
Eq Q - width of each frequency bin amplification of equalizer.
Post LPF filter Q - filtering of high frequencies of effect output.
Noise gate - noise gate :-).
Amp curve - amplification characteristic.
Lock bars - steering of equalizer in mono/stereo.
Post gating - noise gate applied before/after effect.
Smoothing - signal smoothing (hiss reduction).

From the homepage:
"Extremist" (VST plugin) is free for usage in musical applications, I forbid it's sale, modifications or sharing it over internet without consulting this with me, the author. I, the author, give no guarantee of proper work of this software and I take no responsibility of results of this software.