PSOFT - CHRONOStream v2.25 (Pc)

CHRONOStream shifts pitches with no time lengths changes, and modifies playback speed with no pitch shift. CHRONOStream is used for audio data creation but also for other aspects such as musical production and picture manufacturing.

Musicians and artists manipulate the software to adjust tempos of various songs and other materials, and to edit mastering data of musical instrument performances.

Picture editing needs time stretching and pitch shifting to incorporate narration and background music into it, and to make vocal tones higher or lower.

For dances and plays, time stretch is generally used for speeding data playback up and down.

CHRONOStream outperforms other traditional time and stretch and pitch scaling software in processing speed and sound quality, so that the software can be a valuable aid for professionals.

CHRONOStream has an excellent time and pitch scaling (*1) technology, which provides you natural sound quality for a wide-ranging usage, -data tempo changing without pitch shift, pitch shifting without tempo modification, speeding data playback and talk-speed alteration-.

The software is a must to buy for who seeks best in sound quality.


* File formats: wav, mp3 and wma (Only unlicensed files are available)
* Time stretch: 25% to 400%
* Pitch shift: -24 to +24 semitones
* Formant Control
* Mix / Solo / Rhythm algorithm
* XY controller
* Groove stretch
* Groove pitch
* Accessories for time stretch (Tempo/Time/Frame value assigning)
* Presets
* Out gain control
* Rendering as wav files
* Data playback/stop/loop
* Playback Range Specification and Rendering (Selected Range) New! Added to Ver.2.25
* CPU usage display

The Highest quality of time stretching and pitch shifting

CHRONOStream2 includes an advanced time stretch and pitch shift ability to acquire uncompromising high sound quality.

The software outperforms other traditional time and pitch scaling software in processing speed and sound quality, so that the software can be a worthy tool for professionals.

PHISYX does not loose primary elements such as timings which voices come out and groove sounds of instrumental performances. Also, the technology keepes stereo phases stable, even after the original data are edited.

The technology has flexibility to handle any audio sources such as music, solo instrumental performances, songs, narrations and conversations.
CHRONOStream2 is based on PHISYX -the world class time and pitch scaling technology-. The PHISYX, originally developed by P SOFTHOUSE, is a brand new technology to solve sonic difficulties caused by traditional time and pitch scaling software.

User-friendly interface

Application window
Application window
(Click to see its full size)You can treat the whole feature on the main application window, so that every setting is simply specified and operated.

Controllers, such as XY pad, drag-and-drop and others, are not only shown clearly, but also handled easily.

New functions, Playback Range Specification and Rendering (Selected Range), have been featured in the latest V2.25.
Accessories for time stretching
X-Y Control

X-Y Control
X-Y ControlThe X-Y Controller covers synchronized editing time and pitch in real time.
Stretch by Tempo

Original tempo is easily modified by specifying tempo values which you want to change into. This feature is used for sound materials which have own specialized tempos.
Stretch by Time

Lengths of audio files are decided by a time specification, so that perfect adjustments will be simply made. This feature allows time to be rearranged within limited time lengths.
Stretch by Frame

Specifying frame values, which are familiar in a visual editing field, are included, so that sound files can be smoothly modified with it. Frame units are suggested to be used instead of time units on this function. Basic frame values to input are 15fps,24fps,25fps,29.97fps,30fps,59.94fps and 60fps per second.
Supports multiple formats

CHRONOStream supports mp3, wma formats as well as wav.

It streams audio files, so that long data can be treated properly.

The software arranges files in real time when they are played. The files are rendered into WAV files.

* Windows Media Player 9 or newer is required.
* Licensed wma files are not able to be used.
Makes any sounds clearer

A new algorithm RHYTHM has been added to the Ver.2. When the RHYTHM switch is activated, beat-based audio materials, -drum loops and rhythm instrument sounds-, are processed not loosing their live beating tastes.

Other algorithms, -MIX and SOLO-, had already been featured in the initial version. They are appropriately worked for general mixed music sources, and solo instrument performances or peoples speeches, respectively.

With these three algorithms, CHRONOStream2 fairly handles every audio data to be high grade.
ALGORITHM Data to treat
MIX Mixed music sources
SOLO Solo instrument performances and people's speeches
RHYTHM Beat-based materials such as drum loops
Controls human voice characteristics

FORMANT CONTROL Pitch shifted human voices tend to be extremely shrilled or deep, so that they are not heard normally. The reason why it happens is because Formants, which one elements to consist human tones, one shifted at the same time when sounds are pitchshifted.

The formants mean peaks in frequency spectra. The peak points may be different upon vowels to speak and genders of speakers. When formants are shifted, the original sounds may be modified in totally different forms, so that they become another human voices, even worse, they are not human voices any more.

The new feature Formant Control avoids the problem. Specifying Formant Control values makes pitch shifted human voice data heard more naturally. Also, the Shift setting modifies characters of speaker voices.

Pitch or Formant
Original ALMA FLAMENCO Download0
Normally pitchshifted Download+6
Pitchshifted(with formant correction) Download+6
Formantshifted Download+6
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For loop sounds
CHRONOStream includes two specialized functions for loop sound designing.
"Groove Stretch"

Beat value modification and timing corrections allow you to create grooves, such as swing and shuffles, which are totally different from those of originals. And also, this feature makes swinging sounds stable.
DownloadDownload a sample with Groove Stretch Settings
"Groove Pitch"

Beat value specification and pitch changing settlement cover creation of a variety of sounds, such as scratches, bent pitches and special effects.
DownloadDownload a sample with Groove Pitch settings
Above features help audio data to be changed into totally fresh sounds.
The DX compatible plug-in, CHRONOStream2DX New! Added to Ver.2.25

Sony Sound Forge 8 Sound Forge Sony Media Software
Sample host:Sony Sound Forge 8
*Sound Forge belongs
to the Sony Media Software.
The CHRONOStream2DX, newly attached to the CHRONOStream2, is the DirectX plug-in which performs on host applications for audio edit.

CHRONOStream2DX performs as same as the time/pitch scaler CHRONOStream2 on host applications.

System requirements

* OS: Microsoft Windows XP/2000
* CPU: Intel Pentium 600MHz or better
Works faster than Ver.1.0, so that plays back in real time with lower CPU load.
* Memory: Over 256MB
* HDD: Over 100MB disk space
* Audio device: MME compatible
Windows Media Player 9 or newer is required.

Price: 16 800 Yen