Rayzoon - ePak (Pc)

Electronic Sounds For Jamstix...Finally!
ePak enables Jamstix to supply electronic grooves and sounds covering a wide range of genres, ranging from dance and hip-hop to alternative and experimental music. All the advantages of Jamstix, such as its built-in arranger, rhythm generator, note probabilities, accentuations and fills carry over to ePak, allowing the quick creation of complex and varied electronic grooves.

ePak adds the eMode control to the jam control panel to adjust limb control and free jam logic to the needs of electronic drums. Using effect sounds in the tom slots allows the accentuation and fill logic in Jamstix to produce varied grooves unlike the static loops from other products.

New Rhythms!
ePak adds 60 new rhythms to the library. Of course, you can also use any existing rhythms with ePak mappings as well as acoustic drum kits from other Paks with the new ePak rhythms.

New Possibilities!
ePak sounds can be combined with other Jamstix sounds to form hybrid kits. It also provides literally thousands of new kits with a single click via the new 'Random' mapping function in Jamstix 1.6

* 26 kicks drums
* 19 snare drums
* 8 hihats
* 5 toms
* 32 effect sounds
* 60 new rhythms
* 30 new mappings
* eMode interface for limb control and free jam logic


* Requires Jamstix 1.6 or higher
* 15MB of hard drive space
Price: 19 dollar