Rayzoon - Jamstix v1.6 (Pc)

Rayzoon's ground-breaking virtual drummer VSTi runs synchronized with your sequencer and jams with your MIDI play (or even audio-in signal) using its innovative free jam mode where rhythms are created on-the-fly. It also offers jamming based on an extensive rhythm library as well as creating professional drum tracks complete with intro, fills and ending with its easy-to-use built-in arranger.

Incredibly realistic drumming thanks to new technologies such as limb assignment, transition times and interactive play rules. Advanced audio engine with 380MB of multi-velocity samples and controllable ambience but can also host any of your existing VSTi drum modules, such as BFD and DFHS.

* A VST acoustic drum brain that can jam with you and your music like a human drummer would. Recognizes what and how you play and interacts with you to give you very realistic drum tracks. Steroids for your creativity!

* Built-in high-quality drum sample player with up to 9 velocity layers, controllable ambience and bounce samples

* Integrated VST sub-host allows usage of any VSTi drum synthesizer, such as BFD™, NI Battery™ and DFH Superior™. Combine the sounds of your favorite drum plugin with the jam power and realism of the jamstix brain!

* Extensive, unparalleled jamming capability. Analyzes MIDI input as well as audio input (with limitations) in real-time and develops rhythms and adjusts parameters instantaneously, giving you the feel of playing with a human drummer

* Limb-Priority-Control mechanism ensures that the output is at all times playable by a human drummer. You can layer rhythms and fills and accents as you wish and never have to worry about whether the result sounds realistic

* Built-in arranger allows easy control of rhythms,intros,fills and endings in sync with your sequencer

* Easy-to-use but powerful rhythm controls allow you to modify or create rhythms. Comes with a library of hundreds of rhythms ready to use

* Choose between free jam mode which creates new rhythms from scratch in real-time or key word jam, which is based on preset rhythms selected through key words

* Incredibly realistic drumming with just a few mouse clicks thanks to features such as velocity variance, auto-cymbals, random accents, probable notes and automatic switch rules, such as ride over hihat on high velocity, sidestick over snare on low velocity, no-ghosting on low velocity etc.

* Extensive pitch and velocity mapping allows the adaptation of any key layout

* Over 30 MIDI-automation parameters allow control of various aspects of Jamstix by the host sequencer

* LiveLoop technology for reliable and structured live performances with control over song sections sequence and repetition via key or foot controller

* Four separate outputs with compression. Jamstix supports an additional twelve outputs as pass-through outputs to sub-hosted VSTi that require it

* MIDI output to host sequencer as well as export to MIDI file for maximum flexibility

* VSTi 2.0 compliant virtual instrument with 4 to 16 separate outputs and MIDI-to-host output

* Sub-Host for a single VSTi (compatibility to specific products is not guaranteed. Use the demo to test prior to purchase) with full recall capability

* Internal sample playback engine with 370MB of drum samples including bounce samples and controllable per-sample ambience

* "Alive" rhythm library with 250+ rhythms and 100+ accents, fills, intros and endings

* Full-featured rhythm editor

* 1000-bar arranger in sync with host sequencer to control rhythm changes, intros, fills and ending

* Flexible Input-Output MIDI mapping with velocity translation to match any VSTi key layout and character

* Metronome with voice count and stick sound

* Supported sample rates: 44.1 - 96 kHz

* Copy protection: License Key

* Windows XP or 2k (Windows ME and 98SE are not supported but should work)

* P3 or Athlon 500MHz CPU (2GHz+ recommended)

* 512MB RAM

* 500MB free hard drive space

* VSTi 2.0 compliant host

Jamstix has been successfully tested in these hosts. However, since hosts and Jamstix can be used in myriads of ways, make sure to test drive the demo in your environment and your workflow

* Cubase SX
* Sonar
* Ableton Live
* Tracktion
* FL Studio
* Orion
* n-Track
* Chainer
* energyXT
* Forte
* Bidule
* MiniHost
* SAVIHost

Version 1.6 - 5/1/2006

* 'Load Mapping' dialog now offers filtering, previewing and mapping contents listing
* added 'Random' button to mapping tab to randomize kick, snare and hihat selections
* added 'eMode' for use with ePak
* added 12 fills and 24 rhythms
* 8th shuffle play now suppresses 16ths before quarters leading to better fitting fill and accent performances
* when repeating an audio free jam, Jamstix now maintains decisions and repeats the jam identical unless 'Clear Arrangement' is used
* MIDI key D5 (#86) now chokes the last hit crash, splash or china cymbals
* right-click on a rhythm name in the arranger now opens a menu with the options to load, name, remove or move the rhythm
* added new jam habit: if all quarter hihats are semi or open, notes generated by the 'Eighths' and 'Sixteenth' boxes will use semi instead of closed sounds
* added fill filters/limits to allow simplification of fill playback via an icon next to the 'Fill Frequency' slider.
* improved voice reduction quality
* added arrows to sample list for easy 'step-through'
* improved semi hat, open hat and tom voice concurrency (apparent choking) with higher voice reduction levels
* increased limb transition time to the hihat when playing fills, intros or endings
* improved limb assignment logic to avoid high priority note dropping under certain circumstances
* suppresses rhythm change crash when switching muted rhythms
* added 'Mute Brain' automation parameter to allow manual silencing without choked notes
* single-bar liveloops are now possible
* rhythm changes to a rhythm with no kick on beat 1 will no longer allow the change crash/kick combo to be played
* the preset menu for sub-hosted VSTi is now updated whenever the 'Preset' button is clicked
* the following default values can now be set in the jamstix.ini file:
o FillFrequency
o CymbalFrequency
o Accentuation
o Complexity
o Funkiness
* when locking a rhythm that is not active in the arranger with Jamstix paused, Jamstix no longer switches to the active rhythm
* Jamstix now remembers last directory a sound DLL was loaded from
* Jamstix no longer loads support data when scanned by Cakewalk VST adapter
* latency is now continuously updated to avoid synch problems when latency is changed in the host while JS is open
* when used in Logic, a BarOffset of 10 is now automatically used
* mapping sample list now remembers last selection
* optional 'Accentuation' and 'CymbalFrequency' ini parameters now also influence default rhythm settings of accent and cymbal sliders
* mouse-over on hihat slots now shows velocity information
* implements some JamBassist integration
* funkiness can now be controlled via controller 50 and complexity via 51. Note that using these controllers makes the jam session un-repeatable so you need to record the Jamstix MIDI output if you want to capture the performance
* fixed internal sounds loading when LateWSLoad active but 'MIDI Out Only' specified
* fixed voice release issues at very high latencies
* fixed closed hats playing at full velocity when choking semi or open hats
* fixed MIDI export BPM rounding issue
* fixed 'Always Ride' automation
* fixed only toms 1 and 5 being used with external sounds
* fixed volume displays including other outputs when using multi-out mapping
* fixed percussion checkboxes not showing active status when clicked with right mouse button
* fixed some missing note-off events in MIDI export and output when 'MIDI-Out Only' is active and some under circumstances are given

Price: $99