Rayzoon - Jamstix v1.6.1 (Pc)

Rayzoon's ground-breaking virtual drummer VSTi runs synchronized with your sequencer and jams with your MIDI play (or even audio-in signal) using its innovative free jam mode where rhythms are created on-the-fly. It also offers jamming based on an extensive rhythm library as well as creating professional drum tracks complete with intro, fills and ending with its easy-to-use built-in arranger.

Incredibly realistic drumming thanks to new technologies such as limb assignment, transition times and interactive play rules. Advanced audio engine with 380MB of multi-velocity samples and controllable ambience but can also host any of your existing VSTi drum modules, such as BFD and DFHS. Read more here.

Jamstix Revision History
Version 1.61 - 5/16/2006

* snare brushing is now stopped after an ending
* locked bars now properly clear the crash finish flag
* using the mapping randomizer while playing now suppresses audio during the process to eliminate clicking/stuttering
* 'Load Free Jam' dialog now defaults to the 'mappings' folder
* fixed missing redraws in the arranger in Sonar when using certain functions
* changing the 'Accentuation'slider no longer resets the current rhythms
* fixed freeze in n-Track when selecting 'Swing' character without having BrushPak