Sonic Flavours - DP5 Delay (Pc/Mac)

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Coming Soon! the Sonic Flavours DP5 VST delay for windows (soon) and Mac (a little later).

* sounds phenomenal
* 0.5 ms to 5 seconds
* tempo division and BPM time modes
* flanging, chorussing and acoustics emulation
* tape delay simulation
* extremely CPU friendly!
* great for guitars, vocals, soloing, beat making and frippertronical purposes

The DP5 integrates all common features found on audio delays in an extremely adjustable way. The DP5's algorithm and controls allow for the full spectrum of clean, crisp delays with non-distorting modulation to pulsing and groovy feedback delays following musical beat patterns perfectly synced to your VST host. Everything you would possibly want from a delay is there. Great for all sorts of dance music but also great for very subtle sound designing and creating spaciously full and open sounding mixes. And not to forget: great for rock music! It's a musical tool we are sure you're going to enjoy!

Contest: Win a free DP5 license!
The D stands for digital, the 5 stands for 5 seconds max. The first one who guesses where the P stands for before the DP5 gets released, will get a license for free! Please send your guess to info(at)