Starplugs - Warp 2.0 v1.0 (Pc)

Warp 2.0
+++ outta space stereo warp effect +++
The Starplugs Warp 2.0 was built in a momentary lapse of reason to create extraordinary ambient sounds within an uncompromising intuitive operation concept. Explore the ultra wide range of dramatic sound warping on your own. Go where no one has gone before. Start your enterprise and find the outta space by turning the lockable and parallel knobbed sticks – so enjoy and screw up the warp factor. We had so much fun creating this plugin - unnecessary to say that some of us are lost in space....

4 interactive Joysticks + double modulated effects
+ Phaser + Flanger + Booster
+ Crusher + Timeshifter + Droner
+ Delay + Vast regenerator

System requirements:
Win XP PC - 1GHz or higher
Asio soundcard recommended
VST-application (sequencer or audio software)

Price: 19,99 €