Big Tick - Rhino v2.0.4 (Pc)

The ultimate monster synthesizer

From the homepage:
Our breakthrough instrument is a synthesist's dream machine: featuring 6 oscillators per voice (with more than 130 built-in waveforms and the ability to import your own), this thing is made for big sounds.

Add 2 filters (with 20 different modes), a built-in additive waveform generator, ultra-slick graphical multipoint envelopes with curvature controls (syncable to tempo for these crazy rhythmic patterns), a step sequencer with random mode, one modulable, variable waveshaper per oscillator, a fully dynamic routing matrix visible at all times, a dual effects section (with the stellar quality you've come to expect from a BigTick product), ... and you'll see this is not your average toy synthesizer. Actually, we're proud to have one of the few vstis that can compare to hardware boxes (at a tiny fraction of the price).

We know that a synth is only as good as its presets, so you'll be happy to find more than 700 presets for download. These sounds demonstrate Rhino's versatility, with jaw-dropping ambient soundscapes, powerful leads, crazy rhythmic patterns, or classic vintage sounds. In addition, there are a number of additional banks available from highly talented third-party sound designers.

With so many presets available, it's easy to forget in which bank you heard that killer sound. Not so with Rhino: our groundbreaking library browser can reference an unlimited number of presets, classified by categories. It even features a keyword search function, so you'll never lose time again trying to locate that rhodes sound !

Features are one thing, but the serious musician will surely wonder: "how does it sound ?". Well, what about trying the free demo (available for download below) ? Play a few notes with it, and you'll understand why this synthesizer was given awards by Computer Music and Future Music magazines: simply put, it's got the "Big Tick" sound.


* Several new effects, including a new chorus with chaotic oscillators, granulator, chorus/delay combi, reverb, etc.
* Improved filter section with "Dual Morphing Waveshapers".
* New usability features: mouse wheel in the envelopes, import the waveform from any oscillator into the additive editor, etc.
* Improved performance.

The long-awaited Rhino update is finally here. This version adds many more effects, dual morphing waveshapers in the filter section, improved performance, sound quality and usability enhancements.

Price: 100 Euro