Blue Cat's Music Software - Liny EQ Pack v2.0 (Pc)

Enjoy the Liny EQ technology with this bundle grouping Liny EQ, Stereo Liny EQ, and Widening Liny EQ. These three plug-ins will enable you to manage any equalization situation with no phase distortion and minimal latency.

Blue Cat's Liny EQ is a 9 bands linear phase equalizer. It processes the signal without the usual phase distortion most classical digital EQs produce. Its wide range of gain (+/-40 dB per band) makes it suitable for any sound sculpting to subtle final mix equalization task.

The Smooth Update mechanism has been included in this plug-in so that you can automate the equalizer in your favorite sequencer or use the MIDI capabilities of your sequencer to control it in real time. You will get an absolutely zipper-free continuous time-varying equalization. This equalizer also has a very small latency (less than 3 milliseconds), making it unique on the market. It is THE absolutely real-time linear phase equalizer.

Based on Blue Cat's Liny EQ technology, Blue Cat's Stereo Liny EQ is a 9 bands linear phase stereo equalizer. It has the same characteristics as the standard Liny EQ, and it enables separate Left / Right management of the spectrum: automate the +/-40dB faders for a zipper-free surgical time-varying equalization of your signal with a minimal extra latency(less than 3ms)!

Equalize your stereo signal without phase distortion, with this professional fully-automatable stereo equalizer! If you wish you can also link left and right faders to have the same behavior as the original Liny EQ plug-in.

Based on Blue Cat's Liny EQ technology, Blue Cat's Widening Liny EQ is a 9 bands linear phase Mid/Side equalizer. Thanks to Blue Cat's unique widening technology, you can manage equalization of Middle / Side parts of the stereo signal separately. And best of all, you can choose the virtual center of the signal: it lets you control where you want the equalization to take place in the stereo field.

This is the ultimate solution to widen your stereo image with precision: you can choose to enhance treble on the sides and bass on the middle to strengthen the original stereo recording of you band, or completely modify the way your instrument is positioned in the mix, choosing to set the virtual middle 30% percent on the left and modify its spectrum accurately. The effect also works on mono signal since you can modify the perception of the stereo image by choosing the virtual center position.

Everything is possible, with minimal latency! If you add to this picture the full VST/DX automation support for a zipper-free real-time and continuous change of parameters, you have the ultimate stereo widener of the market. If you whish to use this plug-in as a simple equalizer, you can choose to link mid/side faders and get the same result as the standard liny EQ. If you want a Left / Right equalizer, just set the center as Right and 'Mid' will become left and 'Side' Right.

Blue Cat's Liny EQ, Stereo Liny EQ and Widening Liny EQ have been updated to v2.0! They now support Blue Cat's Skinning Language 1.1, and a few bugs have been fixed. The upgrade is free for registered users (check your email!), and a special price is available for a limited duration.

Price: Liny EQ Pack - €37.8