Blue Cat's Music Software - Triple EQ Pack (Pc)

From the homepage:
Blue Cat's Triple EQ, Stereo Triple EQ and Widening Triple EQ are out! Check these new easy to use 3 bands advanced equalizers. Their user interfaces benefit from the new Blue Cat's Skinning Language 1.1. As usual you can get all of them in a single bundle or separately: pay only for what you need. But don't miss the special introductory price, it won't last forever!
Price: 35.80 Euro

Blue Cat's Triple EQ is an easy to use 3 bands semi-parametric equalizer. It includes a low shelf filter, a high shelf filter and a boost/cut peak filter. Its wide range of gain (+/-40 dB per band) and bandwidth (.01 to 5 Octave) makes it very versatile. The three filters are linked together so that when you change the center frequency or the bandwidth, the three filter parameters are changed accordingly: you can change the entire equalizer characteristics with one single mouse click. It makes any equalization task very easy and intuitive for any user.

The graph shows the computed frequency response of the plug-in, so that you can exactly know how your signal is processed. This is not an approximated or "ideal" response curve based on the controls of the user interface, but the exact computed frequency response of the filter, which makes this plug-in a true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) equalizer.

The Smooth Update mechanism has been included in this plug-in so that you can automate the equalizer in your favorite sequencer or use the MIDI capabilities of your sequencer to control the EQ in real time. You will get an absolutely zipper-free continuous time-varying equalization.

The filters of this equalizer have been modeled after analog circuits for a warmer frequency response: enjoy the precision of 64 bits digital processing with the warmth of analog gear.

Last but not least, this equalizer has absolutely no latency, it is 100% real time: it is ideal for live usage!

Blue Cat's Stereo Triple EQ
is based on Blue Cat's Triple EQ technology: its 3 filters lets you to easily equalize the left and right channels of your signal separately. The graphs show you the exact frequency response for each channel, and the included skins let you choose if you want to see both channels on the same graph or not (see the screenshots below).

The included skins also provide you with the ability to link both channels. You can even mirror the frequency response of both channels, the plug-in acting as frequency panner. Thanks to the "auto-gain" functionality, the gain of the plug-in will never exceed 0 dB.A must for your ears and your monitors!

Blue Cat's Widening Triple EQ is the "Widening" (Mid/Side) version of the Triple EQ equalizer: it is a Mid/Side three bands real time semi-parametric equalizer. It lets you adjust the low, mid and high gains of the Mid (Mono) and Side (Stereo) components of your audio signal: manage the wideness of your stereo signal for any frequency! Since you can choose where to place the center of the stereo field, you can virtually adjust the spectrum of your sound anywhere in the stereo field.

You can get instant visual feedback of your settings thanks to the included graphs. The frequency response can be displayed on a single graph or on separate graphs for each channel, depending on the skin you choose (see the screenshots below). If you want to customize your user interface, it is possible thanks to Blue Cat's Skinning Language which is available for free.

The included skins provide an "auto-gain" functionality to keep the plug-in's maximum gain at 0 dB. The Mid and Side channels can be linked together and even mirrored for easier balance of frequencies.