Cakewalk - Kinetic 2 (Pc)

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Produce Your Own Beats

Start making beats today with Cakewalk Kinetic. Get all the power of a hardware studio inside of your computer. Kinetic is simply the fastest and easiest way to create electronic music, even if you have no musical background.

The Easiest Way to Make Music

Kinetic doesn't just sound good, it makes musical creativity accessible to anyone. Just choose a hip hop or electronic style, then build your track with hundreds of professional sounds, patterns, and loops.

Want to get deeper? Tap out your own rhythm with your computer keyboard and the GRID. Edit patterns and sounds with Kinetic’s part editor. Bring in your own samples. Mix it down. Kinetic gives you everything you need.

The Best Sounds

Kinetic features 100%-genuine Roland® sounds from their genre-defining groove boxes and synthesizers. The Roland name is synonymous with the cutting edge tones of Hip Hop, Dance, and Electronica. These instruments have been used by chart-toppers and underground legends for over 20 years.

And that’s just part of what you’ll find in Kinetic 2. We’ve included a whole new arsenal of sounds and effects, and even VST and DirectX support, so you can add hundreds of instruments to your productions.

Key Features

* Make beats and produce music with an easy point-and-click interface

* Includes hundreds of professional music patterns and ACID™-format loops in many styles

* Over a thousand instrument patches, featuring genuine Roland® sounds

* Add samples to projects with DropZone™—includes instrument sounds, hits, drums, and more

* Tap beats with your mouse, computer keyboard, or MIDI controller with

* Build & edit patterns with a powerful step sequencer/piano roll view

* Create bass lines, leads, and pads with PSYN™ II virtual analog synth

* Tweak sounds with filter, reverb, EQ, delay, enhancer, decimator, modulation, and more

* Add VST & DirectX instruments & effects

* Connect to recording programs with ReWire support to expand your studio

* Export WAV files for CD, or WMA and MP3* for the Internet

Set It Off

Making your own tracks is easy, even if you have no experience. Just choose a musical style and audition different sounds, musical patterns, and loops in Kinetic’s browser. Layer patterns and sounds on up to 16 tracks to start building your song.


Get hands-on control with The GRID. Just tap your computer keys to create drum patterns, chords, and more. You can even use your mouse or a MIDI controller to lay down a rhythm.

Take Control

Add your own style to any pattern or create your own by just pointing and clicking. Kinetic’s Part Editor makes it simple.

Customize your tracks with over 1,000 preset sounds, or create your own with Kinetic’s exclusive instruments including PSYN II synthesizer and DropZone sampler.

Price: $99