[CodeOperator] - DelayPack v1.3 (Pc/Mac)

A Package with several Delay-Plugins

DelayPack is a Package with very usefull DelayPlugins for Mac OS X and Windows.

DelayPack is made with Pluggo-MAX/MSP from cycling74. You need to install the Pluggo-Runtime (version 3.5.2 or higher) to use DelayPack. If you have further questions regarding DelayPack please contact delaypack@codeoperator.com .
DelayPack for OS X and Windows 1.3.0

PlugIns included:

* COSimpleDelay - a delay up to 5s, with Feedback, Feedback-HP/LP and HP/LP
* COSpektralDelay5 - a 5 band spectral delay with feedback
* COModulationDelay - a delay with modulation (flanger/chorus/ringmodulation)
* CODuckingDelay - a ducking delay
* COPingPongDelay - 5 delay-lines with individual pan
* COSpecialDelay - Delay with count and a modulation matrix
* COShapingDelay - Modulate parameter via LFO, Comb-Filter, Waveshaper, Phaser
* COTapeDelay - a Tape delay emulation with waveshaper, 3 tapeheads...
* CODirtyDelay - Delay with LoFi and modulation...

DelayPack history:

changes in Version 1.3.0:

* fixed a rounding error with note-sync
* fixed a problem with toLeft or toRight parameter
* a new and smaller GUI for all plug-ins
* CODuckingDelay:
o use external sources for ducking (via CODPBusSend)
* COModulationDelay:
o add a phaser as modulation modul
* COPingPongDelay:
o fixed a bug with pan
* COSpektralDelay:
o fixed a bug with overlapping frequencies
* COSpecialDelay:
o fixed a bug in the ring-modulator
o fixed a bug with the chorus/flanger level parameter
* COShapingDelay:
o double sin-button in LFO2
* a new delay called COTapeDelay
* a new delay called CODirtyDelay

You can download a Demo-Version from our download page. The demo-version will mute the effect 10 sec every 30 sec.

DelayPack can be purchased for $49, if you only want to buy a single PlugIn, you also get every PlugIn as a standalone version for only $12.

If you buy DelayPack now, you will receive every new Delay for free. The price will rise $5 for every new Delay. So it is up to you...