KarmaFX - Plugin Pack v1.7 (Pc/Free)

KarmaFX Plugin Pack
This page contains VST (Virtual Studio Technology) real-time plugins for use in music production. The plugin pack contains all KarmaFX plugins in one file ready to extract into your VST plugin folder. The plugins should work in any VST compatible host application. If you find these plugins useful please consider donating a small fee.

KarmaFX Filter Version 1.1d
A simple filter plugin featuring:
# One Two Pole Multimode Filter (-12dB/oct).
# Adjustable frequency, resonance (Q) and saturation drive.
# Selection of Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass or Bandstop output.
# Two One Pole filters (LP, HP, -6dB/oct) with adjustable frequency.
# Filter series: In -> Two pole -> One pole -> One pole -> Out.
# Filters can be turned on or off (bypassed).

KarmaFX Deelay Version 1.1d
A tempo controlled stereo delay featuring:
# Two independent delay lines.
# Coarse delay (0-16 beats/4) and fine delay (1 beat/4) adjustment.
# Up to 4 second delay time (per channel) at 96kHz (8s at 48kHz).
# Dry out, wet out, tempo sync control (auto/or 60-200 BPM)
# Adjustable cross delay feedback mixer (pingpong).
# Feedback gain and tap level adjustment.
# Lowpass and Highpass filter with adjustable frequency (-6dB/oct).
# Resonance with adjustable freq and Q.
# DC block in feedback (-3dB at 30Hz).
# 5 ready made presets.

KarmaFX Reverb Version 1.0c
A digital stereo reverb featuring:
# 10 different reverb algorithms.
# Up to 10 seconds of reverberation time (decay time).
# Dry out, wet out, pan and signal mixer.
# Full 4 channel stereo mix.
# Mono, Stereo or Dual (cascade) mode.
# Up to 500 ms Predelay with adjustable synced feedback.
# Lowpass and Highpass filter with adjustable frequency (-12dB/oct).
# Damping adjustment controls internal (comb) filtering.
# Diffusion adjustment for increasing/decreasing spaceiousness.
# Early reflections adjustment (modeled from real impulse responses).
# 6 ready made presets.

KarmaFX Equalizer Version 1.0
A digital 31 band graphic stereo equalizer:
# 31 unique adjustable bands.
# Fixed center frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz.
# Accurate analog simulation of Boost and Cut EQ filters.
# Fully symmetrical (reciprocal) filter response.
# 6, 12 and 24 dB boost/cut for gentle, medium and harsh equalization.
# Choose between Low (20Hz-1kHz), Mid (1-5kHz), High (5-20kHz) or Full equalization.
# Adjustable overall mix and gain control.
# Reset button for easy editing.
# 11 ready made presets.

KarmaFX - Deelay v1.1d changes:

* Bugfix: Fixed uninitialized data bug in one pole filter.

KarmaFX - Filter v1.1d changes:

* Rescaled filter-mode MIDI range. Notch filter is now in range 95-127 instead of strict 127.
* Bugfix: Fixed uninitialized data bug in one pole filter.

KarmaFX - Reverb v1.0c changes:

* Added "mod" button to enable(=default) or disable delay modulation.
* Bugfix: Fixed uninitialized data bug in one pole filter.