NOVUZEIT - NeoRetro v1.0 (Pc)

From the homepage:

NeoRetro models the most interesting features of the Commodore 64's Sound Interface Device chip and the Nintendo Entertainment System's 2A03 APU sound chip. Said features come together into one cohesive easy to use synthesizer for the first time ever. A veritable dream come true for chiptune musicians.

What kind of features does NeoRetro incorporate?

Esoteric functionality most "chiptune synths" ignore; Middle band frequency cycling, pulse division note sequencing, and LFO driven pitch modulation, for starters. Howabout four separate arpeggiators? Would you like automatable pulsewidth, tone quantization, or sample reduction? NeoRetro offers all of that and much more! For example, though this is a 2-osc synth, each oscillator incorporates its own type of synthesis. Oscillator 1 uses phase distortion, oscillator 2 uses subtractive synthesis. By combining these seperate synthesis styles unprecedented tones emerge. NeoRetro also includes a great FX section, including stereo delay (with selectable timing offsets), analog modeled filter (LP & HP), and even an auto-panning unit. However, you don't have to know what's under the hood to enjoy NeoRetro. This synthesizer comes with a great set of presets to get you started right away, afterall. Not to mention a comprehensive user's manual, as well as a fully tool-tipped GUI for quickly getting into programming your own patches.

Whether it's classic C64 arpeggiations or soaring NES leads, NeoRetro's got you covered!
Sound like fun? You can download NeoRetro below.
(Disclaimer: NOVUZEIT is not responsible for any sudden urge to play
Lode Runner or Super Mario Bros. due to the use of this synthesizer.)

Price: $24.95 USD