Ohm Force - Mobilohm v1.16 (Pc/Mac/Universal)

From the homepage:
Movement is the name of the game when it comes to the appropriately named Mobilohm. From the gentlest of caresses to immense, swirling waves of sound, this plug-in knows how to pump texture and depth into your compositions.

Where Hematohm shatters harmonic content, Mobilohm enhances and transforms it. Having four separate cells allows for complex interplay between the different frequency ranges in your sound, and the different phase trickery you choose to apply to them.

And if your head isn't already spinning, all of the above can be modulated using the raft of built in LFOs. Imagine sending your high frequencies panning round the room while rhythmic pulses oscillate through the bassline and your pads swirl ethereally. Now imagine all that perfectly synched to the tempo of your song. Now go and have a lie down.

Some Uses :

* Unique combined 4 phaser effects
* Classic 1960's/70's phaser effects
* Time - Synched phasing matching BPM
* Keyboard pad effects
* Guitar Effects
* Rhythm and percussion effects
* Creative sound destruction

A few post-release mistakes have been corrected :
- Mobilohm VST PC was corrupted. It has been updated to v1.16.

Price: 79 Euro