otiumFX - Sonitex STX-1260 (Pc)

SONITEX offers a complete suite of processing dedicated to adding texture to digital audio. This allows you to bring the “gritty vibe” from vinyl records and vintage hardware samplers into your modern DAW environment.


• Dynamic processing to add initial punch and density.
• Mid/Side stereo adjustments.
• Distortion with pre-emphasis circuit and dry/wet control.
• 5 Distortion types (Saturation, Distortion, Amplifier, Digital 1 + 2).
• Flexible distortion pre-filter.
• Vinyl pitch instability with multiple warp shapes, and speed control (syncable).
• Sibilance processing to emulate high frequency distortion on vinyl playback.
• Overall bandwidth control with separate high & low frequency roll-off and “bump”
• Additional processing to mimic vinyl groove wear and the “phone”-sound on early
• Flexible control over density, level and stereo spread on both vinyl “pops” and
• Optional program dependant density for pops and clicks.
• 20 noise types ranging from vinyl noise and hiss to mechanical noises.
• Option to load custom wav files with noise or other sounds. (syncable).
• Adjustable gate (with syncable delay) on noise channel allows many ways to integrate noise.
• Flexible sampling section allows emulation of many types of sampler configurations.
• Bit-depth reduction and 3 types of samplerate reductions (with adjustable antialiasing filter).
• Dynamic lowpass filter section.
• Adjustable built-in compressor on output.
• 3 internal routing configurations.
• Intelligent design to reduce CPU on disabled sections.
• “Subsets” offers 6 fixed sub-presets on each page to allow fast workflow when experimenting.
• Broad selection of categorized presets.

More Info

Sonitex is built on the idea that "texture" and "grit" is not a single effect such as noise or bit-reduction. Rather, it is the cumulative result of every process a piece of music goes through as well as the interaction of these. So instead of focusing on just a single effect, Sonitex focuses on the complete life span of a piece of music before it ends up in a contemporary track.

Sonitex will include stages to mimic the mixing stage, overall distortion, vinyl pressing & playback, vinyl noise, frequency fidelity and finally the resolution & characteristics in the digital sampling.

Sonitex can be used to add a subtle feel to your material, to make homemade breaks & loops sound like they originate from a rare seventies record, or for sound sculpturing and creative effects.

Format: VST PC
Current version: 1.0
Price: $ 49.00